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Burbank Public Library Event

Take five authors with stories in the HOLLYWOOD AND CRIME: ORIGINAL CRIME STORIES SET DURING THE HISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD anthology, sit them down in the Burbank (CA) Central Library auditorium on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and you have another in the library's series of successful "Coffee and Conversation" events. From left: Gary Phillips, Robert S. Levinson, Gar Anthony Haywood, Ken Kuhlken, Dick Lochte.
The HOLLYWOOD AND CRIME contingent with Burbank Central Library's Louise Poziak, who organizes the "Coffee and Conversation" events. Seated, from left: Bob Levinson, Ken Kuhlken, Dick Lochte; Standing, from left: Gary Phillips, Ms. Poziak, Gar Anthony Haywood.
Seriously now--Would you buy a used book from these guys?
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