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Historical Calendar - April 1st

  • 1970 - The Advocate estimates that there are approximately 6,817,000 gays and lesbians living in the United States.
  • 1971 - French newspaper Tout calls for complete sexual liberation in France. Police seize the publication calling it an "outrage to public morals."
  • 1972 - Delaware decriminalizes private consensual adult homosexual acts.
  • 1975 - Mandate an openly gay nudie magazine makes its debut.
  • 1976 - South Dakota decriminalizes private consensual adult homosexual acts.
  • 1981 - Ebony magazine poses the question, "Is Homosexuality a Threat to the Black Family?" (The article concludes that it is not.)
  • 1985 - The first classes are held at the Harvey Milk School for gay, lesbian and bisexual youth, a New York city-funded institution. Harvey Milk is the first gay high school in America.
  • 1987 - Actress Rae Dawn Chong in an interview with Playboy magazine states that she'd like to see the trend of "men liking other men" disappear.
  • 1990 - Madonna announces in Vanity Fair that she is not a lesbian and that Sandra Bernhard is not her lover.

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