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I realized I was lesbian when I was 18. I had no interest in dating period and had started myway down the path to become a catholic nun. I had decided that the reason I was not interested in men was because God was calling me to join his order (I went to a Catholic High School). So that was that until I met the woman of my dreams.

She was 27 and my boss at the restaurant that I worked. Everytime she touched my hand to show me something I lost my breathe and felt tinkles through my whole body. I knew immediately that I was in love with her...though the idea of kissing a woman horrified me. I eventually became very good friends with her and one night she invited me to gowith her on her "route". She drove for a courier company and her "route" was from 10:00pm to 6:00am.

Needless to say we talked all night and I fell asleep in her arms...never wanting the night to end. The next day, after work..I kissed her. It was like fireworks..I knew this is where I wanted to be and I was gay. And I had no problem with it. I stopped the actions I was taking to become a nun,realizing why I had no interest in men and did not tell a soul.

My parents came to me one day and showed me a letter they found in my room to Pam and demanded an explanation. I gave them the answer and I was told I was a "follower" and "going through a phase"......and when the kids at school found out I was frequently asked if "I enjoyed eating at the Y often"..the teasing was endless and my parents were unsupportive.

Eventually I moved in with Pam..and we lived together for nearly 2 years..then split up due to some differences but remained best friends. I met the girl of my dreams 5 months later on the internet..I in Kansas...she in California.....and we flew back and forth until we were ready to be together for sure. She met my parents and my whole family on the 4th of July at my home...and everyone loved her. I never told my parents I was with her but they figured it out...and as my lady and I left that day..my fahter approached her and said "Take care of her Donna..or I WILL find you" and with that he smiled and walked away.

My parents have accepted Donna and I and support our decision to have a child. They have helped me discover a new love and a new serenity within myself...and I am happier than I could have ever dreamed. My wife and I plan to move back to Kansas in 12 years...with hopefully,a little boy or girl. I firmly believe if you follow your dreams,and allow no one to discourage you.....you can acheive anything in the world. I would love to hear from others who have children or are planning families..we could use all the help we can get....

Yours Truly,
Raechelle and Donna

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