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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Tidgey

I had school girl crushes on many female teachers while I was growing up, but none of the crushes compared to the love I felt for my University Tutor. I had gone to Architecture school to please my family, to make something of myself in the big wide world, and there I thought I had met the lady of my dreams (thats all it turned out to be a dream). It was not until my friend who I hung out with finally told me she was gay and fancied me. At first I run a mile not because I was scared she would 'jump' on me BUT she opened my heart to alot of emotions that I had fought back for many years through school, college and now University, emotions I never thought I had and I had no way of knowing how to deal with them....alone. After a week I finally owned up to myself that I was gay, that was the hardest part of coming out - being realistic with myself. I told my friend that I fancied this tutor and told her she would be my bestest friend for life. My friend was great abo! ut it, tried to make me go and ask my tutor out, but I couldn't. Then one day, out of the blue, a family friend told me she loved me. We had fun times together in the past, meals out, shopping, parties but I never thought she could love me, she was married and had a daughter. We finally let our hearts go and kissed, this was the most fantastic experience of my life, that was when I knew that I was gay anf there was no turning back. That was six years ago... today I am still with her and her daughter and we live together and share the most beautiful moments together, just like normal families. Our neighbours are great, our families accept us for what we are, we have fantastic friends both straight and gay.

I wouldn't say it was easy to make a go of our life together, she had a messy divorce, I came out to my parents who were totally against it! but the more people tried to break us up and were homophobic the stronger our love became.

I would not say we had the perfect begining, but I care deeply for the person I am living with and know that I the future we will be there for each other until death do us part!

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