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A Libertarian Speaks

I received (and replied to) this letter in response my election coverage and note that the Libertarian candidates had not published any policy statements on GLBT issues.

On 08:32 PM 11/30/2003, Michael [Surname] so eloquently said:


Oddly enough, I do a google search on my name every so often, and I found a post that my namesake uncle sent to you on your site. I disagree with his perspective on gay & lesbian issues, so I was initially freaking out until I figured out that these were his words.

At any rate, I checked out your site and was not surprised to find a more or less rubber stamp approval of Democrats. I was, however, surprised to see that there has not been a position stated by either of the Libertarian candidates. Unlike the Democrats, the Libertarians have the defense of gay & lesbian rights built in to the party platform. (www.lp.org) That said, if they haven't issued a clear statement yet, they ought to. I will drop a note to both Mr. Nolan and Mr. Bodnarik so that they have made themselves clear.

Interestingly, I was the campaign manager for a Libertarian candidate in an inner-city Indianapolis district. My candidate won strong support from the community thanks to an extremely high score on a questionaire- one the Democrat refused to even fill out and return! Even though the election is over and the Democrat did win, we are working to continue to build the bridge in Indy.


Michael [Surname]

My Response:

Thanks for writing, Michael - sorry for the delay in responding, you got caught up in my spam folder.

Rubber stamp approval of Democrats? Hardly. Compared to W? Any of them.

I know that the national Libertarian platform is very good on equal rights, at least in so far as believing that the federal government intrudes far too much into places the party does not feel it belongs.

I'm also aware however that individual Libertarians differ, just as individual Republicans and Democrats do (is there a Republican I would vote for before I would vote for Joe Lieberman? If there were no judgeships in play, most assuredly).

Please *do* provide me any official announcements etc. from any of the candidates, or the official nominee and I will be happy to include the information. That section will be growing rapidly as the we move further into the election season, and the more information I have, the better resource it will be.

And ::laugh:: Sorry about your Uncle. Want me to put a disclaimer on it? "This isn't the *nice* Michael [Surname]."

Hope your holidays are going well. :)



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