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Gay/Lesbian Issues Trivia - Answers

1. When General Eisenhower told his assistant to make a list of all lesbians from the Woman's Air Corps for discharge, what was her response?

"The first name on the list will be mine."

More from Silence = Relief:

In Europe after World War II, General Dwight D. Eisenhower told his clerk, WAC Sergeant Johnnie Phelps, that he'd heard rumors there were lesbians in the WAC battalion and asked her to prepare a list naming them so he could discharge them. Phelps bravely told Ike that she'd do as he asked, but that her name would be at the top of the list. A more junior clerk then spoke up saying, "Begging the general's pardon, but my name will be above Sgt. Phelps' because I'll be typing it."Realizing he'd be getting rid of most of his file clerks, typists, and a large share of his headquarters' support staff, Eisenhower withdrew the order.

2. In 1977 a company in Coconut Grove, Florida charged $9.95 for a dartboard with whose picture on it?

Anita Bryant

3. What was the first mainstream film to make Nazi persecution of homosexuals a key element?

Mel Brook's To Be or Not To Be

More from StageBusiness.com:

Your question about gay and lesbian theater in the 21st Century reminds me of Mel Brooks (or Jack Benny) in "To Be Or Not To Be" when the Nazis are rounding up people in Poland - where his character owns a theater - he says something like, "They're arresting Jews, gypsies and homosexuals in the theater? There wouldn't be any theater without Jews, gypsies and homosexuals!"

4. Before being elected to Congress in 1972, Jesse Helms was a:

Sunday School Teacher

5. The first gay/lesbian couple to be featured in the "Couples" section of People magazine was:

Dr. Tom Waddell and Charles Deaton

More from Books in Print.

6. The first U.S. state to enact a statewide gay rights statute was:


 More from West Legal Dictionary.

7. Who was the first openly gay performer on network television:

Terry Sweeney

More about Terry Sweeney

8. Speaking of television, three lesbian guests were introduced on a 1988 Oprah Show as:

"Women Who Hate Men"

9. What U.S. Senator called the Democratic Party, "The Party of Homosexuals?"

Orrin Hatch

10. The internationally famous lesbian couple who founded the Daughters of Bilitis are:

Phyllis Lyons and Del Martin

More from Out in the Mountains 




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