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An Open Letter to Elton John  
Christina Rosetti, founder of USvBush, shares her thoughts about Elton's performance with Eminem

Note from Deborah: Ms. Rosetti graciously allowed us to share her words here at G/L Issues, and notes that "...the letter is designed to go beyond the Grammy's." Don't forget to see her additional words of wisdom at USvBush.

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Dear Mr. John:

I am sure that you have received many letters from people asking you not to sing with Marshall Mathers, a/k/a Eminem- a person notorious for his hate-rap. I am not going to ask anything of you. Instead, I would like to share with you an experience that I had.

Not long ago, I was the target of a violent hate-crime, perpetrated against me by campus police. The hate-crime occurred on a campus of a small college renown for its financial wealth. This was also a college where I had been on the faculty as a Mathematics instructor. Thus, hate-crimes can occur anywhere and to anyone, regardless of position.

After this occurred, the college stood by the campus police in denying that a hate-crime had occurred notwithstanding the very strong evidence against the campus police. Instead of apologizing for they had done, the college sought to recruit well-known speakers and entertainers to play at the school at a human rights type conference. There was even one well-known Hollywood entertainer, who was quite willing to speak there and entertain, without ever repudiating the hate-crime that occurred. She would not even consider looking at the evidence either. Apparently, as long they paid her a handsome entertainment fee, she would speak, entertain those people who were guilty of committing a hate-crime. The college also recruited students to travel to other colleges to propagandize for the campus police, promising good times to those who would attend the conference and forget about any hate-crime, as if it never occurred. Most people were not fooled and did not fall for this obvious white-washing of a hate-crime by an institution which had a lot of cash to throw around. Some people, however, did want to be fooled,and one Hollywood entertainer claimed that by speaking, (entertaining) there, she would be somehow educating people, despite the fact that any statement about the hate-crime against me, would be entirely omitted. This is very similar to what John Ashcroft proposed when he spoke at and received an honorary degree from Bob Jones University- a university with well-known racial and anti-gay policies. A university which has spewed anti-catholic rhetoric as well. Yet Ashcroft saw no reason to say anything about these policies. The same goes for George W. Bush, who spoke there without any apology or repudiation until some time later after he was widely criticized for his silence of complicity.

The reason for repudiation is obvious. If you speak or entertain at a school where you either know or have reason to believe that the school has engaged in unrepentant bigoted conduct; then speaking there acts as an endorsement of that bigotry. If bigotry is endorsed by icons of entertainment or government or religion, then what models are there to follow when a person of weak character considers venting his bigotry on others by use of discrimination or outright violence.

I suggest to you that if singing side by side with Eminem is justified , then so it is justified for Bush or Ashcroft to speak at Bob Jones University. If singing with Eminem is good, then it is good when other entertainers are paid to entertain hate-crime criminals and their cronies, and to keep silent about their crimes.

I ask you as a matter of conscience, to consider carefully, what you are doing and its effects, if and when you sing with Eminem.

Sincerely: Christina Rosetti
Founder of USvBush.com
Email: christina@USvBush.com  



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