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Pro-Marriage Petition

It's our turn:

From the Same Sex Marriage Org....

We're planning in California to put a measure on the November 2000 ballot that will legalize same-sex marriage in the state. The website is www.samesexmarriage.org. I've copied the text of the initiative below.

We'll need nearly 1,000,000 signatures to do this, and the petitions will be out November 23. Then the real work begins. Spread the news. It is really exciting to be working FOR something for a change.

Mark Shirilau

Same Sex Marriage Initiative for November 2000 Ballot

Section 40 is added to Article 1 of the California Constitution, to read:

SEC. 40.
(a) Two people of the same sex may lawfully marry in California.
(b) Such a marriage is subject to the same provisions of California law applicable to other marriages. The partners to the marriage shall meet the same legal requirements as other married persons, and they shall have the same legal rights and obligations as other married persons.
(c) This section does not require any church, religion or religious organization to perform any marriage ceremony.
(d) This section supersedes any California law that prohibits legal marriage between two people of the same sex who meet the legal requirements applicable to other married persons.

Californians for Same-Sex Marriage
(State ID #991593)
P.O. Box 46336
Los Angeles, CA 90046



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