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This is a Press Release from the American Family Association. Not only does it not express the views of this site but in fact is here only as an example of the lies that are told in the fight against equal rights for all.

New AFA Video Targets Schools With Truth About Homosexuality

From American Family Assocation

"It's Not Gay" tells a story few have heard
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A new video produced by AFA promises to provide an uncompromising yet compassionate look at the tragic consequences of the homosexual lifestyle.

In the video IT'S NOT GAY, former "gays" and lesbians share their experiences in the homosexual lifestyle - experiences that produced emotional pain, brokenness and physical consequences including AIDS.

In addition, the video contains interviews with mental health and medical professionals who challenge the basic tenets of the homosexual movement.

In a few states like Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California, homosexual activists have been making tremendous strides within the public school system. AFA President Donald E. Wildmon said the time has come to stand up and tell the truth in an effort to halt the progress.

"Our public schools have already been stripped of the Ten Commandments and the freedom to pray, yet flooded with the teachings of evolution and explicit sex-education curricula, which include the free distribution of condoms," said Wildmon.

"Now homosexual activists are pounding at the doors of our schools and demanding to be allowed in with their own ungodly message. The time has come to tell the unvarnished, tragic truth about the homosexual lifestyle," he said. "And IT'S NOT GAY does exactly that."

Note to GLBT People/Supporters/Friends - these are NOT actions we want to be taking

AFA President Don Wildmon said his goal is to encourage AFA supporters to watch the video and pass it along to local school decision-makers.

It's Not Gay can be ordered in one of the following ways:

(1) Order Online Visa/MC only - point your browser to http://www.afa.net/ing/index.html

(2) Mail: It's Not Gay, P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 33803 (check/money order)

(3) Phone: 1-662-844-5036 (Visa/MC only)

Suggested Donation: 1 for $20; 2 for $35; 3 for $40; 4 for $45; 5+ for $10 each


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