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FRC on Florida Adoption Ruling
The FRC Responds to the Florida Adoption Ban Victory

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"This was the most absurd thing I read in the article. As if our nation isn't filled to the brim already with sexually confused children, having nothing to do with homosexuality. There is no experimenting going with these gay couples. Children have been raised by gays and lesbians for generations." --- SIGN543
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From Family Research Council

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "The main problem with homosexual adoption is that it trivializes the unique and important role that both mothers and fathers play in raising children," Family Research Council President and Tallahassee attorney Ken Connor said Thursday. "To suggest that a man can substitute for a mother or a woman for a father is to misunderstand the inherent differences between men and women. Judge King's ruling today upholding Florida's ban on homosexual adoption is good news for children who deserve the best chance for a stable and healthy family environment."

"Judge King's ruling today upholding Florida's ban on homosexual adoption is good news for children who deserve the best chance for a stable and healthy family environment," --- Ken Connor, FRC President

U.S. Judge James Lawrence King ruled Thursday in favor of a Florida law banning homosexuals from adopting children. Two homosexual males challenged the law, claiming it discriminated against homosexuals. "Plaintiffs have not asserted that they can demonstrate that homosexual families are equivalently stable, are able to provide proper gender identification or are no more socially stigmatizing than married heterosexual families," said Judge King. Florida is one of only three states with a ban on homosexual adoption.

"Adoption is not a right, but a privilege," Mr. Connor said. "Therefore, considering what's best for a child should be paramount when drafting adoption policies. The people of Florida said through their elected officials that homosexuals should not be able to adopt. Since homosexual activists were unable to prevail in the Florida legislature, they sued in a bid to overturn the will of the people. It's encouraging to see Judge King rule in favor of the people, but more importantly in the best interests of Florida's children. Family Research Council hopes that other states follow suit."


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