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Letter the AFA Sent to its Members to Encourage Them to Pressure the Salvation Army to Withdraw Domestic Partnership Benefits

From AFA Pres. Dr. Donald E. Wildmon

Dear Friend of the Family,

To Do List: Protest the Decision to End Benefits

The Salvation Army has taken a stab at the very heart of evangelical Christianity and given the homosexual movement the largest boost it has ever received. The Army has turned its back on evangelical Christianity in pursuit of the money it receives from governmental sources. And, says one Army official, they did it "on the basis of strong ethical and moral reasoning."

The Army has surrendered to a foe which seeks to turn the meaning of marriage and Biblical morals upside down. They have sold their soul for a mess of pottage. They have turned their back on their fellow evangelical Christians. And they did it for money. Government money. Thirty pieces of silver.

What the Army has done will have a very negative effect on the whole of Christendom. From all the sources we expected it, the Army was one of the last.

While saying it condemns homosexual activity, the Army supports it in practice. Army spokesman Colonel Philip Needham said that they needed to make the change due to "the dramatic changes in family structure in recent years." Needham went on to say offering benefits to same-sex partners is "reflecting a trend that has grown in recent years among Fortune 00 companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations." [The Domestic Partner Issue - A Rationale For Response by Phil Needham http//www.salvationarmy.usawest.org/newfrontier/current_nf/00_rationale.htm]

While that may be true, the Army is a Christian denomination, not a Fortune 500 company. The Church is supposed to march to the sound of a different Drummer. The Army elected not to do that, but to march in lockstep with the ranks of the politically correct crowd.

Rather than giving a big, big boost to those who support unbiblical changes in family structure, the Army should be lifting up the New Testament definition of family.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome of the Army’s decision, the damage has been done. The Army has turned its back on scripture and embraced money. Scripture says you can’t serve two masters­God and mammon. The Army made the decision to serve mammon. From this day forward, when homosexuals want to bash Christians attempting to help homosexuals out of their lifestyle, the Army’s decision will be used as a club to beat Christians into submission.

No doubt the top officials who made this decision prayed about it long and hard. Sometimes prayer is an exercise in listening. It is evident that the Army listened more to those promoting this lifestyle than they did to the God whose Son hung on a cross.

It is debatable that the Army has helped itself financially in the long run, but what is not debatable is the damage done to the cause of Christ­the very Christ they seek to serve.

What the Army has done doesn’t make me mad. It hurts. Deep. I have been betrayed by an old friend.

For our families,

Don Wildmon



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