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More Trouble for Ms. Laura

Dateline: May 13, 2000

In case you haven't been paying attention you should probably be aware that there is a woman on radio who calls herself "Dr. Laura." She does hold a Ph.D., but the "Dr." is a tad misleading in that her doctorate is in physiology and her radio advice show originated in the form of quickie therapy. It's since degenerated into even more quick judgments and Ms. Laura's preaching of what she believes are the rules by which everybody should live.

Amongst her opinions are included many regarding gays and lesbians - their capabilities as parents, the origin of their orientation and in general their mental health status.

Her ignorance, on the above and other topics, notwithstanding she is extremely popular and recently inked a deal with Paramount to do a televised version of her radio show.

She's become such a mouth we even have an entire section dedicated to her on this site.

Catch up quickly, because there is more and new.

Over the past couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to wander into a couple of bookstores and noticed a rather garish display for two of Ms. Laura's newest books. One for children is called, "But I Waaannt It!" and said story is a dialogue between a parent and child wherein the child is being a tad bratty. The child, of course, ends up learning a valuable lesson. Rah hip. (In Ms. Laura's previous "children's" book the child was told they were loved unconditionally. Considering Ms. Laura's thoughts and feelings regarding gays and lesbians we wonder just how unconditional that love truly would be from her...)

The book for which she is under fire however is aimed at the adult market. Entitled "Parenthood by Proxy" Ms. Laura continues her tirade that "children have to come first." It's not a bad idea, just taken a bit to the extreme by the kindly Ms. Laura.

That's another topic for another site however.

Here we're more concerned with the aspects of the book that deal with gays and lesbians. She condemns what she calls the "gay lifestyle" as "sexual deviancy," and blasts the so-called "gay agenda" for "undermining" the definition of family, and decries the existence of (oh really ... where?) same-sex marriage.

I'm not quite sure how these ignorant attacks fit into a parenting book, but Ms. Laura found a way. (Perhaps this is her passive-aggressive reaction to the many challenges she faces when she makes false statements regarding gays and lesbians. Although, I do have to note that there is little passive about either Ms. Laura or her virulent attacks.)

The book's introduction makes Ms. Laura's agenda rather clear:

"The agenda of homosexual activists has moved past the demand for tolerance and respect to demanding acceptance of homosexuality as healthy, normal and equivalent in every way to heterosexuality. Necessary to advancing this agenda is undermining the significance of the traditional definition of family as husband, wife, and children."

Paramount has promised that Ms. Laura's show "will not create a climate of hate and intolerance for gays" but it's looking more and more unlikely.

I believe that every ignorant cretin has the right to speak their piece --- but when does enough become enough?

I'm almost getting to the point of borrowing from the U.S. Supreme Court a bit and saying, "I can't define it, but I sure recognize it when I see it..."

...And I'm getting darn close to seeing it with Ms. Laura.

In pride,


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