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Take me OUT to the Ballgame
[Page 2]

by Deborah Levinson

The Kiss

• Los Angeles Dodgers  
•  Los Angeles Times  
•  Dennis Prager
• Paul Harvey
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* Bill Plaschke & The Los Angeles Times
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So, on August 8th, while the Dodgers were scoring bunches of runs (not a bad thing at all for Dodger fans), two Dodger fans who were attending the game embraced and kissed. They even gasp "french" kissed.

It was "too much" for two fans. They "didn't want their kids around those kind of people."

Those kind of people?

Bill Plashke, Los Angeles Times Columnist, probably put it best when he noted...

They weren't thrown out because they were publicly cursing like the guys behind them.
Or flashing a laser pointer like the guy in front of them.
Or acting drunk and silly like several people around them.
Or imitating the crude off-field behavior of some of the athletes they were cheering.

Security guards first called the women from their seats (to the boos of the crowd). Then ordered the women to leave the stadium.

"I have been a Dodger fan my whole life. I remember where I was the night Kirk Gibson hit his home run. I felt like part of the Dodger family. Then, all of a sudden, I felt like I was kicked out of the family," explained Danielle Goldey.

The Apology

And, the Dodgers did the right thing. And apologized to the women.

Dodger president, Bob Graziano, personally met publicly with the women and apologized on behalf of the entire Dodger organization, remarking,

"We want everybody in this entire city to feel comfortable coming out here, regardless of their ethnicity or gender or socioeconomic background . . . We wouldn't have asked a heterosexual couple to leave, but we did with the lesbian couple . . . and that was an error in judgment . . . We want people to be able to come here and feel like they belong here."

The Dodger organization also donated 5,000 tickets to gay and lesbian organizations over the next three years and promised increased training of its employees to handle these types of situations properly.

But that's not the end of it.

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