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Tom Cruise is Still Not Gay
by Deborah Levinson  

I don't know about you, but I am amazed at the lengths Tom Cruise will go to establish he's not gay.

Once again Cruise's sexuality is in the news --- a story only garnering publicity because the Cruise Legal Machine is after the mean people who would dare to suggest that Tom Cruise is anything other than what we all believe him to be, a heterosexual icon of studly-ness.

What, that isn't what we all believe?

According to an article at MSNBC, Cruise's team is trying to quash publication of a book which reports how yet another person's tale of "I'm a man, and Cruise slept with me," was kept from the public eye:

In one chapter that’s been posted on an Internet site, Barresi tells how someone came to him trying to sell a story about Cruise — similar to the one that Cruise successfully sued porn star Kyle Bradford (a.k.a. Chad Slater) over — and Barresi details how Cruise’s team got the story killed.

Personally, I think this Continues to fall into the "Me thinks the laddie doth protest too much," category.

This contrasted to American Idol's Clay Aiken's recent response to the "rumors" surrounding his sexual orientation, a very quiet response which can be read "It's not really your business so I'm not going to say anything either way," followed by his announcement that he'd really like to be a parent one day, and hopes to adopt many children.

Folks like Cruise, and even one of my hero's, Sandy Koufax, should be ashamed of themselves.

When David Ehrenstein can write in the Los Angeles Times, "Same-sexuality, once marginalized, is now part of the mainstream. And it's this mainstreamizing that the radical right longs to reverse -- hoping against hope that a federal gay-marriage ban will be a 'They Shall Not Pass,' leading to a complete socio-sexual 180. The trouble for them is not only that a gay-marriage ban would be shutting the barn door long after the horse has fled -- but that the horse in fact has won the Kentucky Derby. When Ian McKellen can blithely bring a boy toy with him to the Oscars, Rosie O'Donnell be afforded a place of honor on 'The View,' and Anne Heche lose cred for re-embracing heterosexuality, it's pretty clear that, in the immortal words of Judy Garland, 'I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.'" and almost everybody who reads it nods their head saying, "Yes, the times they have a changed" to themselves, it's well past time for Cruise to stop being aggressively heterosexual.

Please not    e that I certainly do not believe that, "aggressively" is synonymous with "practicing."

Going to sue me next, Tommy?

In pride,


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