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Read and decide for yourself the truth of the matter  

The Cure
A look at and overview of many of the organizations claiming to "cure" gays and lesbians.

Ex-Gay Ads Exposed
Wired Strategies shares some interesting insights into the behind-the-scenes activities of the "ex-gay" ads.

Ex-Gay Groups
Those groups which claim to be able to change or cure gays and lesbians.

Ex-Gays? The Truth is Out There
Gay/Lesbian Issues: Ex-Gays? The Laddies (and Ladies) do Protest Too Much - However, just so you can read for yourself what they are saying, here are the stories from their own mouths.

Gay Again - John Paulk
Exodus North America response to the news regarding the ex-gay movement's poster boy's visit to gay bar.

About Ex-Gay Ministries
Failures of the Ex-Gay movement. An inside look by David Williams.

Andrew of America on the Ex-Gay Movement
Andrew of America has spent over fifteen years researching the so-called "Ex-gay" movement from the inside out.

APA Stance
Focus on the harm such "therapies" might do.

Do Homosexuals Need to be Healed of their Homosexuality? (As answered by a gay Christian biologist)
Written by the author for those whose guilt has been etched deeply by the official positions of various Christian denominations as well as for those whose pain has been exacerbated by the unkindness shown to them through the actions and reactions of church-goers.

The Ex-Files
The story of one person's experiences with the ex-gay movement.

The Ex-Gay Fraud

Ex-Gay Nomad
A very well put together site with information and resources on so-called ex-gays.

Ex-Gay Watch
A blog that keeps an eye on "News and analysis of ex-gay politics."

Facts on Changing
An authority on anti-gay prejudice provides factual information regarding reparative therapy including explanations as to why conversion claims are suspect.

Free to Be
A truly frightening site because it takes a lovely concept and pretty pictures and creates an atmosphere which "kindly" attempts to lead, by misleading, questioning youth away from what very well may be their natural orientation.

Inside Exodus
A look from the inside at one of the more "popular" ex-gay ministries.

Jallen Rix
He shares his time with an ex-gay group and then what he discovered about the group, himself, and all those like him.

Reparative Therapy - Background Paper
A PDF file with a paper by Professor Herek establishing the truth about the falsity of "change" ministries from a psychological perspective. A must read.

Steps to Recovery From Bible Abuse
An incredibly complete and comprehensive collection of information and articles regarding the affect of the ex-gay movements, and the frauds involved in their basic premises.

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