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Health and Science - Information

Health Products

The Body
A multimedia AIDS and HIV information resource. The information you need or want will be here.

Breast Cancer Self-Exam
The Lesbian Health Program at CHP provides step by step instruction on how to examine yourself. (Remember - men can get breast cancer as well.)

Free Pharmacy Card
It will actually cost you a dollar, but may be worth it.  You have a month to decide whether the additional "goodies" are worth anything at all, the card is yours to keep. 

Gay & Bisexual Male Youth Suicide Studies
A look at the problem, with statistics to back you up when others claim it does not exist.

The Gay Gene
A site dedicated to current research into whether a "gay gene" exists. (Not that it should make a difference as to our rights or lack thereof.)

Gay Gene: New Findings
Most recent findings out of Canada are that there is no such thing.

Gay Gene: What Might It Mean?
A look at the societal implications.

Health Care
Best Benefits is the largest provider and manager of non-insured, reduced-fee health care benefits programs in the nation and enables its members to get significant savings on frequently used products such as dental, pharmacy, vision, chiropractic, and hearing.

Health Products
Vitamins and others supplements to aid weight loss, increase energy, reduce symptoms of menopause and aging, help you stop smoking, increase virility, sexual response, and many of your other concerns! 

Hepatitis continues to be a threat to gay men here is some basic hepatitis information and links to other resources.

Homosexuality in Nature
A look at the existence of homosexuality in nature --- with facts to toss back in the face of those who claim that "it's not natural!"

Non-profit AIDS organization that provides a "web channel" of treatment information.

Life Insurance - Easy Term
Easy-Term-Life.com lets customers purchase term life insurance for their loved ones, in the amount they need, up to $100,000 without having to take any medical exams and provides for a FREE quote (and if you want, application) online.

Life Insurance - Plan Simply
Shop, compare, and save on term life insurance.

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Health Science Librarians
A special interest group that is part of the Medical Library Association, including policy statements and an online library.

Medical Bias
Report on how homophobia and our own fears increase health risk.

My Life With AIDS
A seldom heard from perspective, "...Living with AIDS as a female is very different from living with it as a male, especially back in 1991 when I was diagnosed. I was alone."

Quotes From Gay Researchers
We hear from LeVay and Hamer on the gay gene.

Transgender can hardly be covered within a single subject area, but at the least I can, and do, point you to more in depth coverage and information.


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