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Coming Out - Being Out - Staying Out - Outing

The Gallery: Coming Out Stories
Stories we've collected here: Read and enjoy the coming out stories of friends not yet met then submit your own.

Celebrities Who Have Inned Themselves
Devoted to those long-suffering celebrities of every stripe about whom there has been speculation that they might be gay, lesbian or bisexual, and who have firmly stepped up to the microphone to announce their unrepentant heterosexuality to the world.

History of National Coming Out Day
What is the story behind this particular date along with tips on celebrating and ways to come out even if you're not particularly ready to do so.

Lists: Various Compilations of Gays and Lesbians
Actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, by religion, by gender, from all fields and walks of life, fictional and real, lists and more lists of gays and lesbians.

Words are Stronger Than Closets
On willingness to confront to educate the masses.

Year-Round Masquerades
We take a look at some types of folks who stay in the closet - and why - and drop a few gossipy hints.

Yoohoo! It's Dark in That Closet!
Closets are for clothes, and coming out doesn't have to be a big deal. We celebrate National Coming Out Day.

The Blacklist
We've seen the Out List - this is the list of GLBT people of African Descent (including an explanation as to why the list is called what it is called).

Combating Homophobia and Heterosexism
A checklist of the things that we can all do.

Coming Out
A very humorous story of one woman's version of coming out.

Coming Out and Staying Out
Information for gay and bisexual men of all ages covering "being gay," "coming out" and that very important "meeting others." Universally applicable with a U.K. perspective.

Coming Out to Children
An excerpt from from Uncommon Lives by Catherine Whitney quoting Brian Miller's chapter from Gay and Lesbian Parents.

Coming Home for the Holidays
Amanda Bearse shares her thoughts on being out and why that is important.

Common Bond United
Online support group for those coming out their friends and family members.

DeafQueer Resource Center
Speaking of diversity I've been remiss in not specifically including this large segment of our population. This is absolutely the best resource I have ever found for the Deaf/HH GLBT community.

For Better or Worse
Always one of my favorite comic strips remember or read for the very first time how Lawrence came out to Mike and the rest of the cast. (slow to load but worth it!)

Gay Stories: Homophobia
An excellent (and depressing) collection of stories relating personal experiences with homophobia.

Gay Yearbook
A truly cool project with photos (anonymous) of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans* persons and their graduation photos from over the years. 

Get Out!
People share their coming out stories.

Growing Up Gay
One man's personal journey. "...I began to take a more active albeit still very discrete interest in other boys..."

Human Rights Campaign National Coming Out Project
Thinking about coming out? The support and information you need can be found here.

LGBT Campus Resource Center Directory
Need to find your local college/university center? If it exists it's on this list - and at most centers you don't have to be a student to make use of the facilities.

Marching With My Gay Son
In honor of Gay & Lesbian History Month here's a mother talking about marching with her son at the 1993 March on Washington.

Mom Should Have Known I was Gay when I ....TM
Excepts from a book with stories of the coming out process for young gay men.

The P.E.R.S.O.N. Project
Relevant to how we are presented in curriculum and protecting gay/lesbian youth the PERSON Project is an an activist network advocating for LGBT inclusive curricular policies.

Positive Effects of Coming Out
Dr. Gregory M. Herek explains how and why coming out creates more positive attitudes toward homosexuality.

Rainbow Gallery
Nice collection of pride event photos from celebrations world-wide.

They're Out - Why Aren't You?
The October 1995 version of this empowering list of famous and out gays and lesbians. While missing many names that could have been added in the past 2 years this list remains an essential resource.

Why Come Out?
This personal view can be summarized to "for yourself" in answer to the question. It's a nice short read and while I don't agree with it fully it gives pause for thought for all.

Why Do I Need to Come Out to You?
One woman's very excellent reasons. See how many you might share with her.

With Downcast Gays
Full reprint of a 1974 "Gay Liberation" pamphlet. It's most interesting to read and gives one pause to think "How far have we come?"

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