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Family/Parenting: Issues & Resources

Adoption Victory
Gay foster parents win the right to adopt their foster child as a couple.

Adoption Resources
An incomplete list of adoption resources from state to state, but if you want to adopt and your state is listed, a most helpful tool.

The APA White Paper on Gay/Lesbian Parenting
The official findings of the American Psychological Association regarding gay and lesbian parents, dispelling the myth that gays and lesbians make bad parents.

Adoption FAQ
A FAQ put together about adoption by Gays & Lesbians by A Colorado Family established to encourage and nurture gay men and lesbians considering adoption.

Children of Lesbians and Gay Everywhere
One of the best sites on the Net, operated by and for our children.

Empirical Studies by the APA
A breakdown of the studies used to prepare the White Paper, above.

Gay Themes in Children's Books
This is an excellent bibliography with books for every age level and need.

Health Care
Best Benefits is the largest provider and manager of non-insured, reduced-fee health care benefits programs in the nation and enables its members to get significant savings on frequently used products such as dental, pharmacy, vision, chiropractic, and hearing.

Life Insurance - Easy Term
Easy-Term-Life.com lets customers purchase term life insurance for their loved ones, in the amount they need, up to $100,000 without having to take any medical exams and provides for a FREE quote (and if you want, application) online.

Life Insurance - Plan Simply
Shop, compare, and save on term life insurance.

Legal Resources
Some very general legal information about gay/lesbian parenting issues. The important aspect of this site is its list of attorneys in this field. So far the list is limited to California, but there are expansion plans. Attorneys can often recommend attorneys in other states, so it's a resource regardless of your location.

Lesbian Parenting Survey Results
Results of an extensive survey on, yes, Lesbian Parenting.

Myths vs. Facts
There are many myths about gay/lesbian parenting and its effect on children. Here are the facts you need to respond to those myths when you hear them.

National Standard for Adoption by Gay/Lesbian Couples or Individuals
Child Welfare League of America's policy which includes a statement that "Gay/lesbian adoptive applicants should be assessed the same as any other adoptive applicant."

Prospective Queer Parents
Everything you always wanted to know about gay/lesbian parenting before the stork visits.

Sample Parenting Contracts
Since there's no automatic legal recognition to our co-parenting situations, we need to form our own agreements. These sample contracts will give you and your partner food for thought as you decide whether to become parents.

The Secret Motherhood
A well developed look at lesbian parenting written in 1993 by Pam Elliott.

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