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Family/Parenting: Personal Stories

Are We Not Parents? (Part I)
First in a series. This part: Tales out of School

Are We Not Parents? (Part II)
Second in a series. This part: Tales out of our Community

Are We Not Parents? (Part III)
Third in a series. Custody cases around the states.

The De Facto Is That I'm Not Impressed
Massachusetts rules that a parent is "enough like a parent that we'll treat them that way." Personally, I want something more than that.

Joint Gay/Lesbian Adoption - All Hail New Jersey!
An explanation and look at the coverage of New Jersey's landmark decision to allow gays and lesbian couples to adopt on the same terms as same gender couples.

Making Babies - Being Parents
A look at some of the myths of G/L parenting, and responses to same.

Our Worst Enemies
Using their arguments to invalidate our own parental rights. Tch.

The APA White Paper on Gay/Lesbian Parenting
The official findings of the American Psychological Association regarding gay and lesbian parents, dispelling the myth that gays and lesbians make bad parents.

Coming Out to Children
An excerpt from from Uncommon Lives, by Catherine Whitney, quoting Brian Miller's chapter from Gay and Lesbian Parents.

A Gaydad's Coming Out Experience
A very well written personal story of the process of marrying, having children, self-discovery and coming out.

It Takes Four
"Confessions" of a lesbian sperm donor. A true and enjoyable story.

Love Makes a Family
A look at this traveling photo and text exhibit.

Sample Parenting Contracts
Since there's no automatic legal recognition to our co-parenting situations, we need to form our own agreements. These sample contracts will give you and your partner food for thought as you decide whether to become parents.

The Secret Motherhood
A well developed look at lesbian parenting written in 1993 by Pam Elliott.

Sol's Pages
Started when she was a ten-year-old girl with two mothers, Sol shares her thoughts with all of us. Expect to spend a lot of time with Sol.

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