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Relationships: Couple Issues: Marriage Rights

Keeping up to date on our rights as couples, families and parents.



Marriage Rights in D.C.
HRC reports on this advance in our right to marry.

Prop 8 Trial
Defenders of Prop 8 are using arguments long ago proven to be factually and historically inaccurate. While an uninformed populace may believe them - or choose to suspend disbelief in support of their own personal prejudices, we need to hope that the Court will not be so easily swayed, or mislead.  Live blogging here.  More on equal marriage rights here.

Marriage in California
A history...Okay, we don't start back with the Pueblos, but a lot has happened in the past 30 years plus.

Weddings of Mass Destruction
President Bush has identified the most important item on the national agenda.   Who knew he meant gay and lesbian marriage when he spoke of "domestic terrorism?"

Big Three Add DP
Domestic partnership benefits are added for U.S. employees of Ford, Chrysler and General Motors.

Divided Families
Thoughts on the separations in our lives, and whether they are necessary.

Going to the Chapel
Same gender marriage. Why not?

Homo Again Some More For the Holidays
Our now annual look at how our holiday celebrations are even more fun. (Or is that tense?)

Less Than Honest
We fought the good fight against California Proposition 22, but we accepted the concept that there is something wrong with same-gender marriage in doing so.

The Marriage Question
A lesbian couple wants to deny me my right to marriage.

Protecting Ourselves Legally
An overview of what we need to do in order to protect ourselves legally with wills, for health issues, and when living together.

*UFMCC Response to Hawaii Court Anti-Marriage Decision
Rev. Troy Perry voices his thoughts in response to the back-pedal by the Hawaiian Supreme Court.

Vermont Marriage Ruling
The Court rules that gay and lesbian couples are entitled to the same rights and privileges as married Vermont heterosexual couples.

With Friends Like These...
We take a look at candidates and their positions on GLBT issues while asking the usually bright Bill Bradley to get just one more clue on the GLBT marriage issue.


Alternatives to Marriage
Not everybody wants to get married. Here are some alternatives. Not a GLBT site however the information is valuable and viable.

Anti-Gay/Lesbian Marriage Laws
States with Laws denying the Right to Marry and/or the recognition of same gender marriages.

Canada - Gay Marriage Rights
A look at the status of marriage law in Canada and around the world.

Canada - Campaign for Same Sex Marriage
Updates to news and local events.

Are Same-Sex Marriage Statutes The New Anti-Gay Initiatives?
A look at the breadth and impact of anti-gay marriage statutes.

The Case for Same Sex Marriage
Excerpts from "The Case for Same-Sex Marriage: From Sexual Liberty to Civilized Commitment" by attorney and law professor William Eskridge, Jr. which presents strong arguments supporting gay marriage from both liberal and conservative perspectives.

Charles Colson on Gay Marriage
Am I surprised that one of the names from the days of Watergate is adamantly opposed to providing this right to us? The magazine Christianity Today gives him a platform.

Defense of Marriage Act H.R.3396
The history of this bill on the House floor. Including the full text and list of cosponsoring Representatives.

Defense of Marriage Act S. 1999
The Senate side of the same bill, also including the list of cosponsoring Senators and full text of the bill.

England's First Gay Minister
Reverend John Church was also performing gay rites of Holy Matrimony in the 1700s.

Equal Marriage Rights Home Page
The most comprehensive Right to Marry site with current information on the status of the battle across the nation.

Equal Protection?
From the National Journal Of Sexual Orientation Law an analysis regarding what impact the Equal Protection clause might have on the issue of same-gender marriage. Written in sufficiently plain language for the non-attorneys amongst us.

Famous Couples
A wonderful list of famous gay and lesbian couples that includes the lengths of the relationships. (This doozy includes J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson and their 44 years of bliss.)

History of Marriage Includes Gay and Lesbian Relationships
When they say "historically marriage is between a man and a woman" here's where you point them to let them know that their basic premise is wrong.

Legal Marriage Timeline
A look at our attempts through the years to obtain government recognized marriage.

Legislative Maneuvers in Hawaii
Hawaiian gay marriage on hold - here's why.

Lesbian and Gay Marriage through History and Culture
The virtual equivalent of "Cliff Notes" on marriage issues and history. Very well presented and a must read.

Marriage Equality
New York's only organization committed solely to securing civil marriage rights for lesbian and gay couples. The site keeps tabs on the various marriage battles across the country and provides detailed explanations of why the right to marry remains so important.

Marriage Project Hawaii
Keep up to date with the latest news from Hawaii as we continue our battle there in what was one of the first battlegrounds for our Right to Marry.

News From the Netherlands
Keep up to date on the latest about lifting the ban on marriage for same-sex couples in the Netherlands.

NOW: Same-Sex Marriage
The National Organization for Women stays in the forefront providing research material along with information on the current status of this issue.

The Other Marriage Case
Toshav and Philip Storrs requested, and were going to be granted a marriage license from the Ithaca, New York city clerk. Read how gay/lesbian leaders managed to fail to utilize this opportunity.

Parallels to Miscegenation Laws
An excellent article that dissects the similarities between the laws that would restrict our right to marry with the laws that forbid whites and blacks to marry each other.

Same-Sex Marriage
The entire collection of articles and letters in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin regarding same-sex marriage.

State by State Reactive Legislation to the Possibility of Same-Gender Marriage
An excellent compilation. Find out what's happening in your state!

Talking Points on Same-Gender Marriage
How to best make the case when discussing this basic human right.

Vermont: What it Means
The ACLU breaks down what the "marriage" victory in Vermont does and does not mean for gay and lesbian couples.

Why You Should Have a Cohabitation Agreement
Very important advice for any couple living together where there is no recognized marriage.

Where and How to Marry/Register


United States: California
Domestic Partners Registry

United States: Connecticut
Domestic Partner

United States: District of Columbia
Domestic Partner

United States Hawaii
Registration of Reciprocal Benefits

United States: Massachusetts

United States: New Jersey
Domestic Partnership

United States: Vermont
Guide to Civil Unions




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