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Specializing in GLBT workplace issues these folks might have the answers or help you or your business needs.


Gays & Lesbians Need Not Apply
Darden Restaurant wants to be able to fire people because they are gay. Have you eaten at Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Bahama Breeze lately?

Job doesn't provide for your sig other?  Easy-Term-Life.com lets customers purchase term life insurance in the amount they need up to $100,000 without having to take any medical exams and provides for  a FREE quote and, if you like the quote, application online.

It's Time for ENDA
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act still hasn't passed, what are we waiting for?

Life Insurance - Plan Simply
Shop, compare, and save on term life insurance.

Teach Your Children Well
A lesbian teacher is fired and we wonder when teachers started "not sharing" their "personal lives" in school.

Ways to Make Money Online
No gimmicks, no tricks, just a few places where one can really make a little money here or there.  Very little, but even a little can be donated to a worthy cause.

Elsewhere Online

Department of Justice: ADA and HIV
Reports and other information, some issued by the Department of Justice showing its findings on HIV/Aids matters as related to its enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Guide to Starting Employee Support Groups
Put together by Hollywood Supports, a group created to combat discrimination on the basis of HIV status and sexual orientation in the entertainment industry, this guide gives easy to follow instructions on how to form a support group in your place of employment.

Human Rights Campaign Workplace Project
How to document discrimination, updates on ENDA, employee groups and other necessary tools and resources for employment issues.

Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund
The nation's oldest and largest legal organization working for the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, and people with HIV/AIDS, in the workplace and at home.

LEAGUE is an AT&T Business Resource Group that offers education and support for workplace environment issues that affect employees who are lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgendered, or who have family members, friends or colleagues who are lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgendered.

Organizing Around GLBT Workplace Issues
A guide to both starting an employee group as well as attracting and finding potential members.

Pride Collaborative
National federation of lesbian/gay/transsexual/transgender employee associations all under the United Way banner. Find a group in your area!

San Diego Career Woman
A lesbian professional networking group.

San Francisco's Domestic Partner Policy Under Legal Attack
Airlines are banding together to try to halt enforcement of San Francisco's policy that companies that do business with the City of San Francisco must extend the same benefits to registered domestic partners as it does to legally married couples.

Summary of ENDA (The Employment Non-Discrimination Act)
If passed, this simple act would extend federal employment discrimination protections to sexual orientation.

"Unhired" for Being a Lesbian
The Court rules that Georgia's State Attorney General did not violate any law when he withdrew a job offer.

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