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It's a slow, slow process, but little by little we've been working to get this site back in full working order, correcting problems, omissions and confusion brought on when we changed programs. Thanks to my devoted and diligent site manager, who doubles as my dear, darling daughter, we've made substantial progress in time to celebrate the New Year with a bunch of updates�

�Starting with the news that our eighth mystery-thriller (and fourth stand-alone), THE TRAITOR IN US ALL, is out and available following a mid-February publication date. We're especially grateful for the book jacket comment from Jeffery Deaver, one of the very best in the business, and for nice words currently coming in from various reviewers and (dare I use the word?) "fans." �

FOR THOSE WONDERING: the striking cover illustration is a detail of an oil painting by James Strombotne, whose work hangs in important museums and private collections�We're doing a limited edition repro of the cover, signed by Jim and me and suitable for framing, to be given away free of charge to a limited number folks attending my in-store signing appearances. The store visits are being organized even as I type this, with the first of  those confirmed listed elsewhere on the site�First up will be the official dessert reception and launch at Kerry Slattery's Skylight Books in Los Angeles, where we had an extremely successful kick-off with  the last novel, IN THE KEY OF DEATH�And, yes, the goodies will again include Dandy Don's HomeMade Ice Cream, compliments of Dandy Don (Whittemore) himself, an old pal from our mutual days of yore mining gold (records) in the music industry� 

I'll be discussing "The Truth Behind the Traitor" in addition to reading and signing THE TRAITOR IN US ALL, identifying and revealing (with an exhibit or two or three) my personal involvement with the American entertainer who became the biggest star behind the Iron Curtain and "inspired" Dan Boone, one of the story's main characters; my time in Berlin while the Wall was still up, etc., etc.


That's me in West Berlin, in front of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate
in the background (in East Berlin). About half an hour  later, I was on the
other side of the Wall.

IN ADDITION to the current BETWEEN THE DARK AND THE DAYLIGHT: And 27 More of the Best Crime & Mystery Stories of the Year anthology edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg (Tyrus Books), which includes my Derringer Award-winning "The Quick Brown Fox," I'm represented with an original short story in ORANGE COUNTY NOIR, edited by the Big Dogg himself, Gary Phillips, and due any breathless minute now from Akashic Books. I'll be doing in-store appearances set by the publisher with other featured authors in and around the visits for THE TRAITOR IN US ALL, starting with the Left Coast Crime convention here in Los Angeles, March 11-14�If you make it to one or another event on the schedule, please, please make sure to say hello�

More news in the offing, but I'll save it for the next In Site, except to remind you that our indie bookstores deserve your patronage in these tough times of selling to survive�Cheers!