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Mystery on the Menu

"Mystery on the Menu," a fund-raising luncheon at the Cerritos Library featured Bob and nine other authors speaking to a sold-out audience. This is an amazing facility that includes a genuine dinosaur skeleton towering over the children's section, an aquarium loaded with tropical fish, walls dotted with original works of art, dozens upon dozens of computers and, oh, yeah--books.


The "Sold Out" signs talks to the popularity of mysteries among Cerritos Library patrons.
Bob with librarian Padmini Prabhakan, who organized the event, and Kelly Lange.
One of two author panels that took the stage on a program that was taped by Warner Cable for later broadcast. From left: Gary Phillips, Barbara Seranella, John Shannon, Taylor Smith, Bob.
With Denise Hamilton (left) and Sue Ann Jaffarian, the latter currently doing a bang-up job as president of the Sisters in Crime Los Angeles chapter.
Naomi Hirahara, Bob and John Shannon.
Bill Fitzhugh and Bob in about as formal a shot as could be expected.
Linda Bivens of Crime Time Books (left) sold oodles of them in the book room, with an assist from Jan Long.
Bob with the library patrons seated at his table. 
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