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Mysterious Galaxy

Mystery Writers of America Grand Master (and a Grand Guy) Joseph Wambaugh conducted a Q&A conversation with Bob at his visit to Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on February 12.
There was quite a turnout in spite of heavy downpours that wouldn't quit and a rain-slicked freeway that took an extra hour-plus to navigate south from Los Angeles.
The Mysterious Galaxy's Elizabeth Baldwin was on hand to do her usual super job of guiding authors through an appearance. Bob's holding "Flat Stanley," the international kid phenomenon who shows up unannounced in the most curious of places.
Hey, wait! That's ASK A DEAD MAN Joe Wambaugh is signing, instead of one of his classic trend-setting cop novels or non-fiction powerhouses like THE ONION FIELD and FIRE LOVER.
Janene (left) and Loxie were among Mysterious Galaxy customers who left with signed copies of ASK A DEAD MAN, for themselves and as gifts. (Thank you, again, ladies...)
And thank you, too, Susan (left) and Marcia for braving the rain...and you there, Flat Stanley, for bouncing your way into another photo.
How's How's this for a marvelous and much appreciated display?
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