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Venice Library

Authors galore were helping the Venice Library celebrate its tenth anniversary on a night of heavy rain that didn't deter them or the dozens of mystery buffs who turned out for the event.

Andrea Cohen comes between Bob and Nathan Walpow, who succeeded him as president of the Mystery Writers of America - Southern California chapter. Andrea is Nathan's most adoring and adored fan; oh, and his wife, too...
Bill FitzHugh, who appears to have cornered the market on novels by Bill FitzHugh
Sandra Levinson, guardian of Bob's space at the library, in a quiet moment before library patrons arrived.
Bob, pretending he did more than work the room, schmoozing with other authors.
With Steve ("Black Dahlia Avenger") Hodel and Roberta McCreary, who did loads of research and fact-checking for Steve.
With Linda Palmer
That's Linda O. Johnston, hanging out with Bob for the first time since Left Coast Crime - El Paso.
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