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Dutton's Launch 2006

THE TRUTH--Launching a new novel Robert S. Levinson novel at Dutton's Bookstore in Brentwood, CA, has become an annual tradition, and this year was no exception for Bob with Where the Lies Begin, his stand-alone thriller follow-up to last year's Los Angeles Times bestseller, Ask a Dead Man. Happily, every copy was purchased.

Guiding the event were Dutton's Thomas Richardson, left, and author Diane Leslie, who hosted the reading and Q&A that followed a patio reception for fans of Bob's five previous books. 


Bob with Harvey Geller (left) and Robert Romanin, Sr.


That's a warning finger Bill Brick is wagging as a flirtatious Bob casts eyes on Bill's daughter.


Pam Finck has a big smile for the camera on a time out from writing her new chick-lit novel.
That's Aaron Cohen, who's never missed one of Bob's Dutton's launches


Another pair of regulars, Brian and Katie Finck (no relation to Pam)
Noted fashion designer Aleta Campbell fashions a smile for the camera


Alyson Aldine hurried over from her desk at Sony to grab a copy of WTLB


Charles Schlotter, a buddy of long-standing, who should be putting his marvelous sense of humor between the covers of a novel, not only into his scripts.


Diana James getting in on the hugging action.


Bob making faces for Pam Finck's camera as he prepares to sign her copy of WHERE THE LIES BEGIN.


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