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Village Books - Pacific Palisades

That's Kati Taurs, who owns Village Books, and surprised Bob by revealing he's the author who's visited the store with a new book more than any other.


Pam Finck devoured WHERE THE LIES BEGIN after purchasing it at the Dutton's launch, so made a beeline here with her husband, Scot, to grab a copy of last year's bestseller by Bob, ASK A DEAD MAN. They wound up purchasing two, and also picked up a couple copies of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine that featured Levinson short stories.


Wayne and Sunny Goodman with Bob. Wayne's an L.A.P.D. officer, so particularly interested in the cop content in WHERE THE LIES BEGIN.


Artist John Robertson, who a few years ago did a mammoth-sized oil portrait of Bob that first hung in the Village Books window and since has since hung proudly in the Levinsons' den.


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