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Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore - San Diego

Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego is a store every savvy author makes a point of visiting with every new book published. This year, in addition to talking about WHERE THE LIES BEGIN, Bob presented a workshop, "The Long and the Short of It," describing for his audience the differences between writing a novel and writing a short story. (The presentation was inspired by Bob's winning an Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Readers Award for the third consecutive year...)

The Levinsons, Sandra and Bob, arrive in San Diego, this year via train, instead of the usual two hour-plus, bumper-to-bumper freeway trek south from Los Angeles.


Matching smiles with Elizabeth Baldwin, who organizes MG's in-store events, moments after Bob presented her with a souvenir WHERE THE LIES BEGIN cap in appreciation for her great support of authors. 


A serious moment during the novel vs. short story presentation


Fred's checking out an issue of EQMM that featured a Levinson short story. Purchasers of WHERE THE LIES BEGIN received a complimentary copy of either EQMM or Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine that included a story by Bob.


Bob pressing Marcia Nesbitt's smile button...


...and nuzzling Susan Hathaway


Joseph Wambaugh drove in from Palm Springs to do a bit of socializing with Bob following the MG visit, at the home of mutual friends. (Early alert: MWA Grand Master Joe's first cop novel in 20 years will be published the end of November. Bob already has his order in...)


Group photo: Dick and Janine Gant, who hosted the gathering; Bob, Loxie Fox; Joe Wambaugh, and...
...gaw-jus Sandra Levinson, who took all but the arrival photo (above), hates to have her picture taken, and will have words for Bob when she discovers this one here.


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