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Bouchercon 2007

Okay, so maybe it takes time for world news of the outside world to reach this marvelous college town, but so what...
Welcome to Madison, Wisconsin, where the cows on the street include myriad slabs of famous beef on the hoof, such as Frank Loin Wright, encountered by Bob outside the Madison Museum of Art.
Not to mention Glenda the Good Cow, who landed outside the grounds leading to...
...the State Capitol Building...
...or this prime specimen, who had no beef when this quartet of Bouchercon strollers stopped long enough to snap a souvenir photo (from left) Janet Hutchings, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine editor; Linda Landrigan, editor of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine; Linda's husband, John; and, (who else?) Bob Levinson, waiting patiently for the shutter on Sandra Levinson's camera to go click.
A tour of the State Capitol Building led the Landrigans and the Levinsons to an encounter with another Bouchercon tourist, Lee Goldberg... well as S.J. Rozan.
Back at Bouchercon and an encounter with David Morrell and Christine Goff
And a panel provocatively titled "Easy Does it, My Ass--The Thrill is in the Pacing," expertly moderated by Jeff Abbott and featuring Gayle Lynds, co-president of International Thriller Writers, Bob...
...Grant Blackwood, Rebecca Drake, and, yeah, still Bob...
And what's that sculpture doing on the roof? About to jump, despondent over the fact it couldn't attend a terrific Bouchercon convention? Anybody? Hands...
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