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Mysterious Galaxy - Joseph Wambaugh

No hesitation in accepting, when Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, CA, invited Bob to join Joseph Wambaugh "in conversation," in conjunction with Joe's appearance to sign copies of HOLLYWOOD STATION, his first cop novel in twenty years. The turnout was SRO, and there were plenty of laughs mixed with Joe's insightful and philosophical comments about police work then and now.


Bob and Joseph
Bob and Joe, minutes before the big show...


A "family portrait" with Mysterious Galaxy's terrific crew members (from left) Lina Tonnesen, Patrick Heffernan and Linda Erickson, who helped sell a bundle of copies of WHERE THE LIES BEGIN and ASK A DEAD MAN by (cough-cough) Robert S. Levinson while clearing the shelves of Joseph Wambaugh's wonderful new HOLLYWOOD STATION.
Bob doing something or other, possibly preparing to turn a bottle of water into Joe Wambaugh.


On with the show...


Bob and a San Diego pal he shares with Joe, Janeen Gant (whose husband, Dick, was home glued to the Stanford game) (harumph!)


The usually camera-shy Sandra Levinson didn't mind stepping in for this scrapbook shot.


Joe signs HOLLYWOOD STATION for Susan Hathaway, under the watchful eyes of the two Lindas...
Joe and Wambaugh fan Marcia Nesbitt.
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