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Mystery on the Menu

Bob was among fourteen authors featured at the 3rd annual "Mystery on the Menu" luncheon event at the Cerritos Library in Cerritos, CA, a remarkable facility that includes almost as many computer stations as books, a mammoth tropical fish tank, a dinosaur in the children's book area, and other elements that almost make it as much a tourist attraction as a library. (And special thanks here to Padmini Prabhakar and her terrific crew for staging another exceptional get-together...)

14 (COUNT 'EM) AUTHORS--From left, seated: Denise Hamilton, Tod Goldberg, Joanne Fluke, Jennifer Colt, Steven J. Cannell, Brett Ellen Block, Sheryl Anderson; standing: Paul Levine, Walter Satterhwait, Gar Anthony Haywood, Kelly Lange, Susan Kandel, Robert S. Levinson, John Shannon.
Bob and one of his favorite indie booksellers, Linda Bivens of Crime Time Books.
Old pals Bob, Gar Haywood, John Shannon, (C'mon, John, smile for the camera, willya?)
One of the two panels presented during "Mystery on the Menu" at the Cerritos Library brought together, from left, seated: Paul Levine, Kelly Lange (who moderated), Susan Kandel, Gar Anthony Haywood; standing: John Shannon, Walter Satterhwait, Robert S. Levinson.
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