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Men of Mystery

Mystery Writers of America Raven Award recipient Joan Hansen put together another smashing edition, her eighth, of "Men of Mystery," which had fifty authors playing to an SRO crowd of 500 at the all-day affair at the Irvine (CA) Marriott Hotel.

That's the lovely lady herself, Dynamo Joan, who's already at work planning the '08 "Men of Mystery" gathering...
Bob, Shane Gericke and Tim Green. Guess which author was a college All-America pick and a star defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons. (Clue: It wasn't Levinson or Gericke.)
Novelist and authority on all things mystery Jon L. Breen and his missus, Rita, are bookended by two past presidents of the Mystery Writers of America-Southern California chapter, Robert s. Levinson (left) and James Lincoln Warren.
Bob's turn for bookends: His Men of Mystery hostess Linda Miller (left), past president of the Literary Guild of Orange County, and Jonna Doolittle Hoppes, granddaughter of legendary Gen. Jimmy Doolittle and author of his definitive biography, "Calculated Risk."
From left: Bob Levinson; Diana James, president of Sisters in Crime-Los Angeles, Emily Bronstein, Simon Wood.
From left: Mark Coggins, Bob, John Billheimer
Bob and John Hamilton Lewis, who shared a table during the book signing segment of the all-day Men of Mystery gala.
Bob and dear pal Jan Long.


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