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Writers for New Orleans

Definitely a highlight of the year was participation in Heather Graham's "Writers for New Orleans" gathering, which provided opportunity to hang out with old friends and make new ones, with plenty of time out to explore the great city and share in the upbeat attitude of its citizens post-Katrina.

Heather and Bob
Pals reunited a month after their onstage shenanigans at the 2nd Annual Thriller Awards show of the International Thriller Writers (from left): Bob, Harley Jane Kozak, Alexandra Sokoloff, F. Paul Wilson. (Bob wrote-produced-emceed the show, Harley and Alex--with Heather--comprise the Killerettes singing-dancing trio, and Paul is the Killer Thriller Band drummer.)
Bob was featured on two panels about writing along (this time) Harley and Paul.
Time away from "Writers for New Orleans" events to tour the great city with Adam Wilson, assistant editor at Harlequin Books, his gal pal Eva, an unidentified sculpture, and Sandra Levinson (hiding behind the camera, as usual)
"Correct, darling, I write mysteries, thrillers and just learned they're also romances at Heather Graham's "Writers for New Orleans, so whaddaya think...?"
Yep, that's Heather in wig and costume for the grand stage show she organized and took a leading role in...
Books for the author-signing session were provided by grand and glorious Molly Bolden, she of the marvelous sense of humor, who can usually be found hanging out at her Bent Pages Bookstore & Coffeeshop in Houme, LA.
As indispensible as they come: Connie Perry, who coordinated the "Writers for New Orleans" for Heather. (A big, big thank you, Connie, for helping guide the weekend to the success it was...)
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