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Dutton's-Brentwood was the site of Bob's official "book launch" party for a second consecutive year. It drew more than a hundred people and every copy of The John Lennon Affair sold. That's Doug Dutton, one of Southern California's legendary, most knowledgable book dealers, with Bob.
Tony Zurowski was the manager on duty that night and did a spectacular job with the arrangements. Thanks, again, Tony...
A view of the Dutton's-Brentwood patio crowd before it reallllly got crowded.
The fronts that belong to those backs were listening to Bob express thanks for the turnout.
Jaime Lyn Bauer (right), former star of television soaps "The Young and the Restless" and "Days of Our Lives" turned out for the Dutton's launch gala for old pal Bob, along with her onetime roomie Barbara Shore, a past executive director of the International Association of Film Commissioners.
Also joining the festivities were Stan Layton (left), former vice president-marketing of MCA Records (left), Dottie Fonn, and David Fonn, owner-president of Cisco Music, one of the most important contemporary jazz labels in the world.
Among friends present from Bob's days in rock-and-roll was Janey Milstead, whose writing career went from freelance journalism to the pioneering editorship of BBW Magazine and, most recently, to writing novels.
Son David and his fiancee Janine were among family members on hand. (Janine, dear...your beautiful smile into the lens next time, okay?)
Bob cuddles up to his youngest fan, Neesie, under the watchful eye of her grandmother Aleta (that's right, her grandmother) and Aleta's hubby, Liam Campbell.
Guess who smiled too late for this shot. It wasn't Phil Murphy (second from left), senior vice president-operations, Paramount Pictures, or Robert McCracken, Paramount's supervisor of archive operations, or Bob's wondrous wife, Sandra. (Did someone say Paramount Pictures? Hmmmmm.)
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