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Bob and Gary Phillips at the Mystery Writers of America, Southern California birthday bash honoring Anthony Boucher's memory, put together at the Mystery Book Store in Westwood, CA, by members Paula Woods and James Lincoln Warren. Gary is author of the popular Ivan Monk series, as if you didn't know that already...
Gregg Andrew Hurwitz popped onto the Los Angeles Times bestsellers list at #1 with his second novel, Minutes to Burn...something Bob did last year with his second novel, The James Dean Affair.
That's the estimable Norman Bogner, whose long and distinguished writing career includes the current fiction thriller The Deadliest Art. He and Bob share the same publisher, Forge Books.)
Gathering in for a group shot (from left) Tom Nolan, author of last year's well-received biography of Ross MacDonald and editor of the current collection of three newly-discovered MaDonald short stories, Strangers in Town; Bob; Kent Braithwaite, author of the best-selling The Wonderland Murders ; Paula L. Woods, whose turn it was to sign, and sign she did her current bestseller, Stormy Weather; and Dan Barton, whose recently-released latest is Heckler.
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