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From left, that's Brentano's Meesha, Lia and Emily with Bob. Lia put together the marvelous signing at the Century City, CA, location that turned into an informal funfest, aided by Emily. Meesha, who has that responsibility at Brentano's in LA's Beverly Center was a surprise drop-in. (Bob had a successful signing at Beverly Center last year and will be returning on December 8, the date John Lennon was murdered 20 years ago.)
Another unexpected party crasher was record producer par excellence Michael Lloyd, whose home and office walls are studded with enough gold and platinum records to start a museum. Michael, who for years also performed with Shaun Cassidy and his own group, Friends. (He's also a bigger Laker fan than Neil and Stevie...)
Emmy Award-winning camerman Les Rose happily stood by with two copies of The John Lennon Affair while Bob gave a hoist and a hug to his son, Robert. Les was recently on camera himself, with host Steve Hartman, on a CBS-TV "48 Hours" special documenting their travels around the country to show that everybody has a story to tell. His wife, Michele, was named after a song by you-know-who. (You do, don't you?)
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