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The Elvis and Marilyn Affair
ISBN 0-81258432-5

The Elvis and Marilyn Affair
ISBN 0-312-86968-1

Did they or didn't they? People will kill to find out!

When actress Stevie Marriner, reigning "sex queen of the soaps," becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a once famous movie director from the Golden Age of Hollywood, she calls on her ex, but still besotted husband for help. Neil Gulliver, a former Los Angeles newspaper crime reporter who has since become a popular columnist, discovers he can prove Stevie innocent and expose the real killer by untangling the truth surrounding the rumor that Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe had a torrid love affair in the mid-fifties - and that someone has the love letters to prove it. In the meantime, the celebrity bodies keep falling. . .

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