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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Katie

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I came out hen i was 19 years old (2001) and a then sothmore in college. I've known since i was about 9 years old that i was a lesbian, but never realy gave a name to my feelings for women---it just scared me to much. During high school, I had a number of "crushes" as i would tell all my friends. It was usally the most un populare boys that never had a girl friend before but really wanted one.

Anyway, I had transfered from a co-ed college to a small all girls college for my sothmore year. My friend from high school was going there and since I was miserable in my coed college, i let her talk me into attending. Thats how i met Andrea (not her real name). Andrea was a friend of my high school friend. My friend new she was gay and warned me about her, sort of like just be carefull...wich I was. Tordes the end of september, I got a concusion from soccer. for over a week i couldnt drive...wich really got me upset! Finally, when i was able to drive again (yea!) I asked her if she wanted to go driving with me, since I needed to go to the store for somthing. She seemed eager, ad i figured it would give the both of us a chance to get to know eachother better, since i was always bussy practising, i never got a chance to talk to her. mind all of you, never before in my life had i ever came out to anyone about my feelings about women, and above all, never heard of gay-dar ( as the lesbians in my college like to put it!). Well, things started to happen after we came back. I lived in a different dorm building (theres two), so she asked me if i wanted to come back to her room just to kind of hang out for the rest of the day. I agreed...I had to miss that days soccer game cause i still wasnt aloud to play. While in her room, she kept giving me this "looks", kind of like the looks i got from the dorky boys in high school...the look of love. I got nervouse, since I didnt know why she would be giving a "straight girl" these looks. we were watching a movie, and all of a sudden she asked if she could stop it for a second. i was like sure, whats wrong? figuring maybe i looked sick or disroented, somthing i asked people to look out for to make sure I wouldnt faint or anything like that. Instead she looked at me and said "I have a thought about you" this statment lead to over four nights of questioning me. first it was simple, stupid questions, but then they got more in depth. She told me that from the minute she saw me, she could tell that i was gay and still in the closet. She also whent on to say that she had a very stronge "likeing" (ok, crush!) on me. To put it short, this october will be kind of our 1 year aniversery together. were as things havent always gone smoothly, we still love each other!

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