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"Gays and Other Fags"
An anonymous letter may or may not shed some light on Laura's forum tactics

from An Anonymous Source

Note: When I received this letter was received I attempted to respond and enquire further but there was no such email address. I did later receive a follow-up email that established to my satisfaction that the story teller is not pulling our collective leg. 

The Letter

I think it is now very interesting that Dr. Laura's Webpage Forum asks you to log in with screen name and other particulars before you are even allowed to post anything to the site. You must input this info about yourself before you are even allowed on the site and given the privilige of posting to her beloved Forum. My interesting, quite surprisingly revealing experience is outlined below. I just regret that I was unable to get the young woman's name before the show ended and I was cut off. It sounded kind of like "Mira" or something, but don't quote me on that. (However I WAS asked to call back again, which presages a real evil streak in me if I try to use the info in this post... evil laughter!)

I really hit pay dirt the other day (09-13-00). I got a hold of a Dr. Laura staffer on the phone who seemed at the end of her rope with phone calls and complaints and I got a real earful from her. I guess her resistance was just really low and she needed to talk to someone about it all. I called the Dr. Laura show (KFI AM 640 L.A. -- 12:00 to 3:00 pm PST) about 2:35 pm (PST) to ask about the new rules for posting to the website Forum (acting totally innocent and completely ignorant of the present controversy -- appearing to be a devoted fan -- I guess if you gush a lot, they really open up) and the young woman explained to me (after a LOT of finagaling and explaining that she had several calls backed up waiting to talk to Dr. Laura), when I asked why posters to the website have to go through such a strenuous register process, I was told that they have to be sure that ALL postings to the site are 100% completely positive and completely pro-Dr. Laura to make sure she "maintains her on-air image." This woman explained that they have had so many "gays and other fags" (huh???) trying to "disrupt" the Forum that they had to go into "high defensive mode" to ward off negative emails about Dr. Laura and to make sure they did not appear on the web Forum. (This jibes with info I got online the other day that she is getting record anti-Dr. Laura email and phone calls from all over the country and especially Canada.) Apparently Dr. Laura is for-real pulling her hair out about the protests and negative publicity over her controversial comments. This woman is going to be bald in a few weeks if this keeps up.

Playing my cards still very close to my chest, I asked if there had been a lot of negative response to the page lately and was told that most of the emails and contacts have been anti-Dr. Laura and --- this surprised me after the girl told me --- from heterosexual people calling/emailing complaining that they have gay sons and daughters and are outraged at Dr. Laura's wishy-washy, yet totalitarian statements. So do not believe Dr. Laura when she says she has a loyal, devoted following for her beliefs/prejudices. Anti-feeling is running very high in the Dr. Laura camp, I guess.

When I expressed (false, yet fervent) concern about the abandonment of sponsors from the TV show, I was hit with a real bombshell: Paramount is in a panic about advertising. It seems they can only garner local, low-paying sponsors and those are iffy. "Sponsors are proving less than reliable," is the way the young woman put it --- read JUMPING SHIP! This woman also intimated that sponsors for the radio program are now asking questions about their accounts. "Questionable and very concerned" is the way she termed it. Unfortunately, Dr. Laura's radio show ended before I managed to get on the air, but no love lost. I could not have brought these points up to her, because she would have just cut me off anyway. But still, it was a very revealing conversation off-the-air with someone on the inside. I think we talked about 20 minutes.

I think we are making a real difference, if this phone call is any indication. I have dutifully emailed all the offensive sponsors and received very nice, apologetic emails in return saying they are sorry for any offense and that they will not make the same mistake in the future. I really have to hand it to them for their protocol and decorum in their responses. After this, I have a little more respect for those companies which have decided to end their sponsorship of Dr. Laura. I thought before this that such protests were a bunch of hooey, but seeing it in action has really warmed my heart.


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