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Open Offer to Laura Schlessinger [Page 1]
by Deborah Levinson
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As I've mentioned previously I listen to Laura Ms. Laura on a fairly regular basis. I listen both for entertainment purposes as well as for "opposition research." Every once in awhile Laura even says something with which I agree. I enjoy those moments, for they allow me to pat myself on the back and proclaim that I am not biased.

Laura has been a tad incensed at the "gay activists" and how they are attempting to "silence" her.

Personally I don't mind how big a fool she makes herself out to be --- so long as she accepts the fact that if she misstates facts she will be called on it. Coincidentally these misstatements happen most often when she is discussing gays and lesbians.

Fast Fact:
Ms. Laura said on her show that her best friend is a gay male and supportive of her.

Such as saying that gay men and lesbians are "biological errors" or less suitable to be parents. Not bad, mind you, merely less suitable than her subjective version of what constitutes an ideal.

So, the other day I was listening to her show when she said something which caused me to want to act --- I listened for a phone number to call, but for whatever reason they did not run the phone number promo. I checked her website, but there was no feedback (at the time the site was undergoing major modification) directly to the show or Ms. Laura but only to the webmaster.

So, imagine my delight when this morning I came upon Ms. Laura's new public message forum. I immediately made use of the Forum in order to make my offer to Ms. Laura:

Dear Laura,

I heard you comment on the radio earlier this week or last week (yes, I listen to you so often I can never remember which day...) that one of your best friends, a gay male, and another close friend, a lesbian, had both written in your "support" vis a vis your television show and relationship to and with the GLBT community.

You lamented that your male friend had written a "Letter to the Editor" that no newspaper had published, and your female friend had written an entire feature article, which had been accepted for publishing by a popular news magazine, but to date had not been published.

Because I firmly believe that all voices should be heard, even those with which I disagree, I am offering to include those letters prominently in the "Laura Schlessinger Collection" section of my site.

I look forward to hearing from you or your representative.

Deborah Levinson
About Guide to Gay/Lesbian Issues

I was also delighted that my offer would be immediately visible to all in contrast to Ms. Laura's previous message boards where moderators had to release each post. I knew this because the welcome screen states:

One of the great new features of our upgrade of the Dr. Laura Forum is that most of your posts are now visible on the website immediately.

I was therefore surprised when my posted offer didn't immediately appear. I returned to the welcome screen information once again and read a bit more:
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