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We Love Hate Mail

I'd worry that I was doing something wrong if I didn't generate my fair share of hate mail. Let's face it, some folks aren't educable. But when they have to resort to nasty comments, we know we're on the road to success with the other 99% of the folks.

I do no editing of their prose and allow their words to speak for themselves.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the best with you.

Remember - only the most ludicrous bashers show up here, we handle the balance in other, more charitable, ways.

  • gandhi anderson (williab01@msn.com)
    I have always wondered about 'gay pride', what is it and why would anyone be proud of deviant behavior? I really don't understand.
    Deborah responds:
    You seem to be proud of being a cretin, so perhaps you should look first at yourself. )
  • Towfiq Ahsan (towfiq@postmark.net)
    Re: Let me just say

    That I'm neither amarican nor christian(or anything else for taht matter).

    I hate you as much as you hate me.Diference is I don't go around handing out redicule religios context twisted to fit yourselvs(whcih by the way is bullshit to begin with).

    Fagots are a glitch with the hormonal system at some time in thier sick lives or continues.The thing is I don't hate(per se) you but I pitty and therews nothing I can do to help you if you don't let me.

Deborah responds:

I don't hate you at all.

I do however, based upon your statements, find you almost impossibly ignorant and rude.

Achieving both at the same time is quite remarkable.

  • Anonymous brave soul
    using aka  "big fag dad" 
    Im not as gay as you people but the shit is sick and you need to get some pussy really soon unless you like having you dick smell like shit all day sorry about ya

Deborah responds:
Pussy? Hmmm.  Let me get on that right away.  Thanks for the hint!  

  • Thomas E Warning (whoope@juno.com)
    all I have to say is if you people want to be gay, fine. i don't have a problem with it. If a guy told me he was gay or one of my friends told me he was gay, fine. As long as they don't hit on me, I am fine with it. Now, if a girl hit on me, it is oaky.(as long as she is not ugly) If a gay guy hiton me, I would kill him. But, that is that.

    Deborah responds:
    Actually no, that's sexist and stupid. If you hit on a woman who was gay would she have the right to kill you?

    Of course, he responded:

    First of all, I am a 16 year old male, and I have lots of friends. NONE OF THEM ARE GAY, MOST OF THEM HAVE BEEN PAIRED UP WITH MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX!!!!!!! I am after a preety girl at my church. Everyone in my family, including MY Aunt Deb say it is wrong. I belive them. You are
    wrong in thinking that it is right. But, I will pray for you and your sins, as well as my own.

    P.S How are you really. I know some people like you. Don't bother to talk to them.

    I suggested instead I'd just not talk to him, as most 16 year olds, including my own son and his friends, knew better than the tripe he was spreading.  Oh, I might have suggested that he could use additional time in school, honing his composition skills.

    Of course, he responded (a response I ignored):

    Hey you BITCH!!!    How is it hanging?  Here is some hate mail for you. I am a sixteen year old male. (Remember "Sweetdaddy?" I don't give a fucking rat's ass if  I spelled something wrong. I really like the first hate mail on the second page. THat guy spoke his mind. I am tired of all this "Gayness is good, and leave us alone crap. I don't think God and Jesuss made up their mind either. Nothing in the bible makes sense. Like Gosd said "Do not practice homosexuality, It is a sin." But then he said He loved the world so much,that whoever belives in him shall not parish, but have everlasting life. THat is a bunch of fucking bullshit. And you know it.  By the way, I don'nt give a rat's ass what your son thinks of my  kind. THe NON-GAY people. IFf he wants to talk to me, I will surely kick his ass!!!!!  BY, the way, is he gay? I know some sick gay people for him, you god damn rot in hell dyke.  Answer this you BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    It looked a little like he was contradicting himself, but I didn't want to send him (any further) over the edge.  (Okay, truthfully I was bored.)

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