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We Love Hate Mail (continued)
  • From Cworth60@aol.com
    The mail you claim to be hate mail doesn't seem to be hate; it is more disgust than hate. I personally don't know any Lesbians or gays but I believe it is a matter of choice as to sexual orientation. I think it is a crime against nature. Even animals don't attract to the same sex. When and only when the North pole of a magnet attracts to north pole of another magnet (Same for the South poles) I will believe your life style is to be considered normal and until then I think it is wrong and a crime against nature. There are laws in all states that if a person has sex with an animal they are charged with crimes against nature and usually are fined and sometimes jailed. I don't have hate for you people, I have disgust and pity for you. Because believe certain morals and in preserving the white race I am labeled a racist.
    Deborah responds:
    Disgust mail, eh? What ever happened to "love the sinner?" [sic] We'll leave the fact that there are animals which engage in inter-gender sexual activities to those who show a capability for learning. As for "preserving the white race" labeling you a racist ... the shoe fits and your foot is very clearly in your mouth.
  • From Eddyliz@aol.com
    I am a cuban american woman living in miami fl. I am a minority and I am christian. I just wanted to address you because I neede to vent some steam when I came across your site and the apology by mr. gil. I can't believe the ignorance in the gay and lesbian community. I am going to give it to you straight. I have many friends who are homosexual and i do love them because God created all human beings. For 1- God loves them yes! But this does not mean that He condones thier sexual orientation. Example Sodom and gomorrah. This is a strong point that has never been addressed. Nobody has taken the time to tell them in a loving christian way that being homosexual is not condoned by God. This does not mean He hates or abhores these that choose or are"born" this way.. This is the "Natural" man. What homosexuals and heterosexuals need is to be "Spiritual"and by this I mean is reading , praying and loving God and when we do this we will know His will.
    Deborah responds:
    (She's giving it to me straight - how appropriate! ;>) ... But showing a failure to look before speaking - For example, Sodom and Gomorrah has actually been "addressed." At length, even. But not the inaccurate interpretation that is so often bandied about, but rather the lessons the original story tellers clearly meant to relay. More information to this end can be found in our "Religious Answers" section.
  • From C.Ergle (cergle@bellsouth.net)
    I was looking for a religious websites and decided to search for them and I come across this sickening website. How can people in their right mind think God loves gays???? It says plainly in the Holy Bible several times how God does not approve of this! I'm not just attacking gays either. He also doesn't approve of mediums, astrologers, witchcraft. It's all there in plain English. I have been reading my Bible every night for the past 9 months and I have learned more and become a better person for doing so. I just can't understand why people all over the world can't see this and why they try to change God's words in his book. It is not for me to judge anyone, but I know what is wrong and I know that gays are! I think every-one should read their Bibles theirselves and see. I mean think about it, if God meant for a man and man to be together why did he create Adam and Eve instead of Adam and Steve???!!Why can women only have babies??!!Why does men only have a penis and a anus instead of a penis,anus and vagina?? I don't think you should put all this on these websites for children to see. They are innocent and sin free. Don't corrupt anyone elses mind.
    Deborah responds:
    Wow. What a lot of questions. Let me see whether I can get to all of them.
    1. Isn't it good folks like yourself who contend that "God loves everybody?"
    2. If the "Holy Bible" is so "plain" how come there are passages and translations that contradict each other?
    3. Men probably have only a penis and an anus rather than a penis, anus and vagina because G/d realized that s/he was already giving men too much to deal with via the gift of the "little buddy" with a mind of its own.
    4. The fact that only women can have babies may actually prove that G/d does have a gender, and that s/he is male.
    5. I would rather children be innocent, free and knowledgeable then innocent free and ignorant. How about you?
  • From Mike Ross (JazzRoss@worldnet.att.net)
    hey heres some hate mail, and you might as well add me to your " enemys " list, me and the other 99 % of the world. I cannot belive how arrogant that debroah thing is. talking about these " hate crimes ", they have been around forever, and will always be around forever. What society need to do is execute these stupid people that think they can change the constution, and cram all this gay pride, and hate crimes down our throat. There will be a revolution some day in america, I gurantee it. This country is ran by that dike janet reno, and diane fienstein trying to outlaw our guns, and change america into nothing more than a dictatorship. Your website is not helping, and iam going to melt your hard drive.
    Deborah responds:
    All I can say is ... with enemies like you - who needs friends?
  • John (DivCobra@aol.com)
    Are you going to Heaven? How do you know?
    Deborah responds:
    ...Because the G/d in my heart tells me so. How about you?
  • Neal Britner (nbritner@datacomsystems.com) quotes me regarding New Jersey's ruling that the Boy Scouts may not bar gay scouts or scout masters then adds his two cents
    "I don't know about you, but New Jersey is looking like a mighty fine place to which to move..."

    Then move there, I'll choose not to.

    Deborah responds:
    That's all well and fine, Neal. But what are you going to do when all the states in the union, and indeed the United States government rules that all people are to be treated equally, even gays and lesbians. When you run out of places not to move to will you still be able to live with yourself?
  • An Unsigned Survey
    yeah, you all need to clean your act up, being gay is a sin, but i am sure you have heard that. Anyway you may choose to not believe the bible cause it dosent fit your lifestyle, like a child crying to get there way. but the truth is the truth. oh by the way, there is no gay gene!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Deborah responds:
    Pardon moi. The Bible fits my lifestyle very well, thank you... I have several versions (along with a lot of research material) filling an entire bookcase in the office I share with my other half. Yes, it is a little crowded, but darn it, we made it all fit. As for the gay gene --- there are not only gay Genes, but gay Harrys and gay Richards and gay...
  • Patrick Whalen (pgwhalen@ccnmail.com) in response to my letter welcoming him to and thanking him for posting in the Gay/Lesbian Issues Forum
    Please remove me from your demented list. If I came by your site it was purely mistake. Thanks anyway...
    Deborah responds:
    Uh... you mistakenly Posted? And you call me demented? Uh, If you say so. Don't do so again and you'll be "off the list." (And don't let the Forum door hit you on the way out, etc. etc. etc.)
  • Jerry Swartwood (jswartw@logixnet.net)
    Any person has the right to be 'gay' or 'lesbian', but, my God says you cannot be with Him if you are. If you don't believe in God then this won't matter to you. I don't hate those that live that way as long as they keep it to themselves. Try to teach my kids that lifestyle is ok and the fight is on.
    Deborah responds:
    You need to check back with G/d again. I just did and s/he and I are okay (although s/he's not that pleased with folks who are misinterpreting "the" word). Now... Let's assume, for the moment, that I don't teach your children anything. What are you going to do when one of them is gay or lesbian? Turn them out of your home? Why do you think so many gay and lesbian youth commit suicide. Hint: It's not because of people like me.
  • From a Brave Anonymous Soul
    Hi, after reading your hate mail page, I noticed half the e-mails you posted weren't hate mail at all. People you have never even met in your life care about you and other homosexuals to warn you about a very real God and His very real judgement. I am disappointed in you. Instead of replying to these mails with a real stand, you babble meaninglessly on and on with your ego and offending others (Reggie White) about their so-called biggotry when you youself are disrespecting God and blowing people off without really reading their letters. I also notice most of these hatemail sections were not posted in their entirety. If you post this I hope you do, I would not want to be misrepresented. As for gay/lesbian acceptance, sorry, but I will never, ever accept homosexuality as okay. It is not. As for equal rights, gay and lesbians have as many rights as anyone else. If you meant equal treatment, that falls under acceptance, which you have stated you don't give a "hoot" about.! Like many others, I do not hate gays or lesbians because of their sexual orientation. What makes their sexuality so difficult to accept is that part of them knows it is wrong. Basically, you weren't given your sexual organ to be used with another of the same sex. Anything else falls under sexual immorality, and if you are truly Jewish, you beleive in the same God and know what I say is true. Also, everyone knows HIV can be spread from many things other than homosexual sex, but, what you are forgetting is, the HIV virus, even though it did not start with gays, was introduced into the US by gays.
    Deborah responds:
    There are as many "real gods" as there are religions. For example, I don't see Jews running around telling people that they are going to suffer for eating Lobster (although they will if the Lobster is bad). You really shouldn't assume that your religion is the only way - or even that you know all there is to know about your religion. You'd be amazed how so-called men of the cloth have bastardized the original messages in both the original (what you would call the "Old Testament") Torah and its sequel, the "New Testament."

    As for HIV, in case you haven't noticed it is a world wide problem, and contrary to ignorant belief, AIDS does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

    By the way, as you can see by your tirade posted in its entirety, I do not edit the hate mail I receive. After all, the authors' words do work so well to speak for themselves.

  • John Putica (bonsai@cdepot.net)
    This planet is screwed up enough without freaks like Deborah Levinson and her kind. Why continue to fuel the normal and biblical hatred for your kind by being on the internet? Do you not realize that your kind will never be excepted? Why can't you keep your twisted ideals hidden? That seems to be an acceptable alternative to what is right. People were'nt created by or for your kind!
    Deborah responds:
    I admit that I'm not quite as good about recycling as I should be, but I hardly think that I'm responsible for everything that is wrong with the planet. Hmmm. On second thought perhaps that is not what John meant ... but then again perhaps the level of coherency is above my ability to comprehend.

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