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We Love Hate Mail (Continued)
  • Unsigned Feedback (Oh, what bravery!)
    you faggot scum are the lowest slime that ever crawled out of a sewer or what is lower than a sewer to slime up the earth with your filthy dispicable presents, including that low life lessy kike deborah whale-manure levinson, she is so sickening and ugly she would make a masheate rat with lepresy and kanker saws look good yuk. i hope all you whale manure faggot slime rot in hell with your backs broken, good riddence ans phooweey on you all, LOL1
    Deborah responds:
    My, what a vocabulary. Did Roget help you with that? (And may I lend you a spell-check program?)
  • D Hanna (californaibmx@geocities.com)
    This is a total waste of webspace in my opinion.
    Deborah responds:
    Well, uh, gee.... uh.... was I taking your space?
  • Andrew (bravely anonymous)
    I love you so much, but God is going to put such a curse upon you if you continue in your sinful ways. You will be destroyed worse than Sodom. If only you could know the true, loving God, and have His spirit convict your heart! Oh, how I pray for you! Because of Him,
    Deborah responds:
    Somehow I can't imagine G-d wasting his/her time coming down to smite me personally. I suspect he/she has more important items on the agenda. War. Famine. Illness. By the way, while I acknowledge I have a bit of an ego, exactly which sin are you so certain I engage in?
  • Sharon King
    Genesis 19 tells what is going to happen to sodomites and you can twist and refute to human beings all that you want. When you come before God there will be no excuses to your judgement. I do not hate the person, I hate the sin and I will pray. It takes one person, then another, then another. I also have stopped buying products or taking my grandchildren to Disney land and it is such a sad day when sodomites have all the rights and we cannot even pray in our schools anymore. I do not care what kind of off-handed or so-called intellectual response that you give me, there will be a judgement day for all fornicators whether they are heterosexual or sodomites and it doesn't matter what the governments of this world say or do, you will not be able to lie and twist the truth when you stand before God and if you are one of the ones who know better and you lead the innocent into fornication, you will answer to God and there is nothing on the face of this earth that can stop that judgement. I would not be worried about government I would read the Bible and pray. It doesn't matter how you twist the Bible verses what God said is very plain for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I will pray for you that before the last breath that you take, you will repent and let God into your heart and he will forgive you of your sins. Please do not put the e-mail address down it is my job as I do not have a computer at home. If anyone wants to write me, my address is: Sharon King [deleted 'cause I just couldn't do that to her]
    Deborah Answers:
    Well, at least you're consistent. As for a so-called intellectual response - I suspect I've studied the bible more than you have. If that's your basis for any of your thoughts, you might wish to study it a bit more.
  • Douglas Muller (doug_muller@email.msn.com)
    as gay and lesbian issues are being shoved down our hetero throats every day, Reggie White is being blasted for exorcising his right to speak his mind. why can't you people just go play with each other and be happy with the acceptance that you have acquired.
    Deborah answers:
    Reggie White is being blasted for spouting hatred and bigotry against everybody. Or didn't you hear his entire speech and the comments he made about Mexicans and Asians and women and.... And I don't give a hoot about "acceptance." I just want equal rights. Go play with the other bigots while I go back to my work. Thanks. :)
  • Scott (parrishs@ix.netcom.com)
    Jesus Christ demands homosexuals be executed if two or more witnesses catch them in the act. If you believe man's laws are better than God's than that's erroneous. Are you now a polytheist too?
    Deborah answers:
    Actually, I'm Jewish. But unlike you I know that there is no such statement attributed to Jesus. He is said to have mentioned, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Feel free to review your Bible and get back to us - or you might review our religion section and learn a few things.
  • Nothing like unsigned feedback for a morning chuckle.


    Deborah answers:
    I guess this fellow is unaware that there is [sic] also gay and lesbian kids, and that it is important to provide accurate information and a place where they can realize that they are not alone.
  • Here's a fellow who must have taken umbrage at my "99%" comment above.
    From Archie Sutton (asutton@ti.com)
    Subject: 99%?
    You have got to be kidding if you think 99% of the population is going to agree with the gay community. Where in the world did you get that? Dream on. Just because the normal people don't right as much as the out-spoken gays? Don't kid yourself.
    Deborah answers:
    Self-proclaimed "normal" people like you are rarely "right." However, whether you like it or not, more and more people are beginning to realize that bias based on orientation is a wrong, not right, and that wrong is being righted. In writing. Right? Do write again. (I admit it, I couldn't resist)

    Then he continues in a second mailing (regarding my response to Kcaines below):
    So, you somehow know "clearly" that Kcaines will never know more about AIDS. This truely shows your narrow-mindness. And, by the way, how did you have this 13 year old? With another female? I don't think so. Should'nt that tell you something about how God created humans?

    Deborah answers:
    Do feel free to reread my response to Kcaines. I didn't tell him he would never know more - I urged him to educate himself. Feel free to take a look at the picture of my son, and what he has to say to and about people like you. God allows people to be parents in many ways. Birth. Adoption. Marriage (becoming a step-parent). If you think there is only one way, you're sorely lacking in education as well.

    Then he continues with (after returning here ):
    You still did not say where the 99% came from. And I guess you have proof that us "normal" people are rarely right. And, you did say "He learned more in his 7th grade health class this year about the transmission of AIDS/HIV than you will clearly ever know". Once again, how do you know what Kcaines is going to learn. Another exageratioin to try and prove you point.

    Deborah answers:
    You're right. I did miss that I made a very warranted assumption. Mea culpa maxima. I'm still having trouble figuring out exactly what's so "normal" about you. It's certainly not clear from your mail.
  • From some brave soul who failed to leave their name at Feedback
    You want some feedback? How about the fact that as a member of this country's military force, I find it beyond disgusting that the we have adopted the don't ask, don't tell policy. It SHOULD be asked at recruitment and be grounds for rejection, or courts-martial if already enlisted. And for officers, it's even worse. All service guidelines for commissioned officers state you MUST be of GOOD MORAL CHARACTER! What the hell kind of moral character is being a fag? I just have one question - How the hell do you think you actually have the right to wear a US military Uniform, that represents this country and every brave man or woman that has died in that uniform? You have no right to even be in our society, much less represent it! You are a perverted, disgusting, sub-human example of the lowest life form on Earth. May you die a painful and agonizing death.
    Deborah answers:
    Many of the brave men and women who have died in the uniform are gays and lesbians, who fight for the United States and understand the true meaning (and lack of existence) of "Liberty and Justice for All." As for moral character .... exactly what kind of moral character is possessed by a person who hopes that others dies a "painful and agonizing" death?
  • Mike W (Lawncare@inficad.com)
    Subject: sick faggets
    All i can say is you sub life form are very sick.
    Deborah answers:
    Mikey - First of all, the word is "faggot." Second of all, I'm not a faggot, I'm a dyke. I think you have gender confusion. Third of all, I just had a full check-up with my doctor, and I'm actually quite healthy, but your concern as to my physical well-being is appreciated.
  • Lowell Adams (lowell@hughes.net)
    (Regarding AB 257): HOMOSEX is an "abomination" in Gods eyes! Therefore should in no way be considered.
    Deborah answers:
    Hmmmmm. I wasn't aware that (your understanding of God) is the determinative factor for legislation in the United States. You may want to review the First Amendment to the Constitution. Beyond that, never fear! When the bill is signed even celibate gays and lesbians will be protected on the job
  • Unsigned ICQ "Page"
    Hey Deb...
    Try a guy... it is a wonderful experience///
    Deborah answers:
    Well, I've been there, done that, and as the commercial says, "many parts are edible" but there's a lot more to a relationship than whether somebody can make your body feel good. Heck, one doesn't even need another person for that. I do need another person to bond with emotionally, intellectually and in all those intangible ways that make up the best part of any relationship.
  • Unsigned Feedback
    I am sick of seeing Gay and Lesbian rights every where I look. Why can't you "people" just get along like everyone else and stop pushing your ways in front of the rest of the normal world.
    Deborah answers:
    Well, we "people" will just get along like "everybody else" as soon as we have the same civil rights as "everybody else."
  • From: Kcaines@castles.com
    How dare you sick people, even mention kids or teens on this page. You people can,t have children the way god intended so what gives you the right to even concider it. Your life style is sick you caused children to get aids and people who dont deserve it
    Deborah answers:
    I have a thirteen year old son of whom I am very proud. He does well in school. Is well like by his friends and teachers. He can spell (well, most of the time ;>). He learned more in his 7th grade health class this year about the transmission of AIDS/HIV than you will clearly ever know. I urge you to educate yourself. AIDS does not discriminate.

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