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Military Issues: Support and Information
Thinking of joining and want to know what it's really like? Afraid of getting caught? Caught and need help? Need friends who understand? Look here.

Military Continues to Discharge Service Members "Outed" Online
  SLDN Reports At least 10 online outings since January; group issues advice on ĎDonít Ask, Donít Tell,í and the Internet.

Battlegrounds: Shahar, AOL, The Navy, McVeigh
Two big events this last week, one ending, and one comedy of errors that is just beginning.

Chronological History of Decisions
A look at "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and its history..

DoD Anti-Harassment Guidelines Issued July, 2000
The details of the newest anti-harassment guidelines as reported by the Department of Justice in July 2000.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Database
This excellent resource provided by Stanford Law School includes original ("primary") materials and information on the U.S. Military and its policies on sexual orientation dating back to World War I.

Don't Ask Don't Tell: Decision Chronology
From implementation to present, all you need to know about how this policy has been used and abused.

Fit to Serve
There's still a ban on gays and lesbians in the military, campaign promises and pentagon reports aside.

McVeigh, AOL & the Navy
The entire history of this incident, from beginning to current.

The Murder of Private First Class Barry Winchell
Facts, information, action alerts and up to the moment news.

Recap and In Other News....
The final McVeigh position, and a round-up of other news of import.

Score: Constitution 0
Excuse me? Since when can one branch of the government ignore the lawful order of another branch?

And The Flag Was Still There
Chapter one of this book just written by Lois Shawver that dissects "Don't Ask Don't Tell" into little pieces.

Banned in England as Well
Same policy, different country. Here's the British fight against this absurd ban.

Barney Frankly on ENDA
Don't miss this narration by Pat Schroeder.

Baron Von Steuben and Homosexuality
Somebody had to help teach George Washington how to create and lead an army. This is the man who did just that. The gay man who did just that. They didn't ask. He didn't tell. But they all knew.

Barry Goldwater Speaks
Mr. Conservative himself on Gays in the Military. If you didn't hear this the first time around, you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

and Fact Sheet of Able vs. USA How we arrived at our best chance yet of a national repudiation of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Conduct Unbecoming
This phrase takes on new meaning as you read about how the Navy tried to censor Randy Shilts book. Also a warning - possession of the Conduct Unbecoming CD Rom (or book, I assume) is grounds for discharge. You may order the book at our online bookstore.

Deb Price Column on Military Policies
Deb Price writes that the Military should re-examine its policy on its policies regarding orientation.

A breakdown of the various types of discharges given gay and lesbian military personnel, and the loss of benefits associated therewith.

Don't Ask - Don't Tell - Doesn't Work
A personal essay on the topic, and how the policy imposes nothing more than a different kind of closet.

The Enemy Within
The Village Voice takes a hard look at "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

GAO Report on Gays in the Military
The official 1992 report that found that the current policy was unsupportable.

Gays in the Military: A Thesis
A very well put together thesis on the history of gays in the military in the United States.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Disabled Veterans
This site has more information than I can begin to describe. It's unparalleled as a resource.

Mr Doobie: Gays in the Military
A cartoon that makes a point. Enjoy.

Out in Force: Sexual Orientation and the Military
An overview of the contents of the definitive study regarding the issue of gays and lesbians in the military.

Racial vs. Orientation Discrimination
An examination of whether the arguments that resulted in the integration of the armed forces are applicable to this issue.

Service Members Legal Defense Network Best of the Net
Includes the SLDN guide to surviving under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Pursue"; policy.

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