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Politics: Thoughts and Theories

Activist Guide
Subtitled "Ten Things to do When the Radical Right Comes to Town" there's some good basic information here.

Beyond Queer
Excerpts from a reader that "challenges gay left orthodoxy."

Canadian Legal Problems
Gays & Lesbians in Canada are not immune to bigotry and prejudice.

Cattle Queers
From the "Best of Queer Nasty" this gem reminds us that we're not fighting to prove we're "Just like them" but for the right to be ourselves, whoever we may be.

Commentary by Perry Brass
From the always wonderful TurnOUT, a look at our "consumer" power, "Yesterday I Was A Queer; Today I Am A Gay Consumer."

Ethics and Morality in the Gay and Lesbian Community
While I don't agree with the author on all topics, this is an interesting site, even if he does use the word "lifestyle."

Ex-Gay Movements
The author suggests that we not throw out the baby with the bathwater when chortling at the concept of an "ex-gay."

Gay & Lesbian Prison Project
This project has a super outreach (or would that be "inreach?") program, and you can volunteer your services as well.

The Independent Gay Forum
Featuring gay writers such as Andrew Sullivan, Bruce Bawer, Norah Vincent, Paul Varnell and Jonathan Rauch, the Independent Gay Forum continues to prove that we do not speak with a single voice.

A Mad Minute on Clinton's Nomination of Hormel
Some previously unpublished factoids about this (currently stalled) nomination.

Not In Our Town
About the PBS series, with resources and materials to use in fighting hate crimes.

One Year
TurnOUT! provides a look at the 12 months from August 1996 through August 1997 and the gains that were made. An uplifting collection of gains - and it shows how much can be done if we all put our minds to it.

The Organized Assault on Gay Rights
A look behind the scenes at the hows and whys of those who would oppose equality.

Politics of Sex
An excellent (and lengthy) work on this polarizing topic.

Sister Act
Candace Gingrich speaks out in an interview with Mother Jones magazine.

Sodomy Laws by Patricia Nell Warren
Ms. Warren asks and answers, "Does it really prevent AIDS?" (She's also the author of three of the greatest all time g/l books - take a look at the reading list)

Straight Answers
This impressive site provides an answer to, "Don't gay people have all the rights they need?"

Why Party Politics Matter
Barney Frank explains why the party is as important as the candidate for Gay and Lesbian voters.

The Winds Reaction to Bias Rejection
Read this chilling article that defines a simple teaching of love and kindness into a danger to society.

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