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George W Bush Log Cabin Republican Position Timeline
  • 11/21/99 - Bush states that he will "probably not" meet with Log Cabin Republicans in an interview with Tim Russert on NBC's "Meet the Press."

  • 12/16/99 - On CNN's "Larry King" Bush says, "They asked me whether or not I'd meet with them, I said, probably not, because I didn't want to create a ruckus."

  • 01/16/00 - Bush spokesman Scott McClellan, in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, state that Bush "didn't see the point of meeting with the group because he disagrees with its positions."

  • 02/00/00 - CNN Debate in South Carolina: Bush explains that he spoke at Bob Jones University because "it is important to bring my message to people, even those I don't agree with." Larry King who was moderating the debate then asks Bush why he said in November that he wouldn't meet with Log Cabin Republicans. Bush responds that he "understood that they'd already made a commitment to Senator McCain."

  • 03/06/00 - Bush tells the San Francisco Chronicle that he would "consider meeting with [the Log Cabin Republicans]".

  • 03/07/00 - Karen Hughes, Bush Communications Director, says that Bush's statements of 11/21/99 that he would "probably not" meet with Log Cabin Republicans was "misinterpreted" by the media.

  • 03/08/00 - On the NBC Today show Bush says that he had always planned to meet with Log Cabin Republicans and was only going to not meet with the Log Cabin leadership, because of their support of Senator McCain.

  • 03/23/00 - Bush Consultant Ralph Reed on MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" states that Bush had said he would meet with Log Cabin Republicans, and in fact a meeting had been "pending" as far back as November. But explains that he "turned away" from the meeting because they "were holding a fundraiser for one of Governor Bush's primary opponents [Senator John McCain] at the same time a meeting was pending."

  • 03/24/00 - "Governor Bush would not meet with Log Cabin Republicans." Ari Fleischer, spokesman for Governor George W. Bush's presidential campaign, to the Wall Street Journal, but "may meet with a group of Republicans who support him and happen to be gay."

  • 04/14/00 - Bush meets with a "group of republicans who happen to be gay." Group List

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