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Election 2000: GLBT News and Issues

While GLBT issues aren't the only issue I'm planning to look at in order to determine how I cast my ballot, it would be extremely foolish to fail to take into account the candidate stances on gay civil rights issues. Executive orders. Supreme Court nominees. These items (and more) can, and do, affect our lives.

Local (Races & Ballot Measures) | National

It's Almost Over

Winners and Losers
While all politics might not be local, most of it still is. We look at how GLBT interests and issues did nationwide in the United States Presidential election of 2000.


Thoughts> David Mixner on Election 2000
"Mixner is an accomplished corporate and political strategist, human rights activist, and renowned leader in the struggle for equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans." Perhaps we should hear what he has to say and heed his words. Source: Mixner's Bio

Thoughts> Open Letter to GLBT Voters
Vote as if your life depends upon it. Because it does. From Tim Miller.

Presidential Debate Two: The Candidates Make Their Views on GLBT Equal Rights Clear
Read it for yourself, but you won't find anything to support a conclusion that Gore will work for equal civil rights for all and Bush will oppose.

Candidates> Al Gore> Gore Calls For Lesbian And Gay Immigration Rights
Applause due the Vice President for his stance against immigration discrimination.

Candidates> George Bush> Candidate Profile
A closer look at Candidate Bush.

Candidates> Dick Cheney> Candidate Profile
A closer look at Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Cheney.

Candidates> Cheney & Lieberman> GLBT Civil Rights  
From the About Guide Women's Issues, the candidates respond to Bernard Shaw's question, "Senator, sexual orientation. Should a male who loves a male and a female who loves a female have all -- all the constitutional rights enjoyed by every American citizen?"

Candidates> George Bush> Shrub Snubs the LCR  
About.com Guide to Liberalism Karen O'Brien takes a look at the Bush campaign and its meeting with Log Cabin Republicans. Or is there going to be one?

Candidates> George Bush> Timeline on Log Cabin Republican Waffling
Will he or won't he meet officially with the group? The answer is constantly changing.

Candidates> Dick Cheney> Compassionate Conservatism: The Cheneys (and their gay daughter)
How come the new face of conservatism looks a lot like the old face? Not only that, there is not even much of an attempt for these wolves to put on sheep's' clothing. The treatment of and reaction to the Cheneys' gay daughter along with his voting history tells the tale.

Candidates> Candidate Positions on GLBT Issues
A compilation of the various candidates and where they stand on GLBT issues. Will be updated as new issues arise and/or additional information is obtained.

Candidates> Candidate Positions on Ten Commandments
Of course they're for them, but beyond that: Republican candidates state their views on the Ten Commandments and their place, or not, in the public schools.

Information Zone> GLBT Political Orgnizations
From one end of the spectrum to the other, everything in between and unaffiliated, here are your GLBT political interest groups.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Candidates> The Exceptional Mr. Bradley  
About.com Guide to Christianity Charles Henderson examines the relationship of politics and religion and sheds some refreshing light on candidate Bradley's unusual stance.

Candidates> John McCain
Does Bauer endorsement of McCain place McCain in the far right?

Candidates> Stephen Forbes
A closer look at Candidate Forbes.


Nebraska> Proposed Ban on Gay Marriages
The proposed amendment to the state Constitution would not only ban gay marriages but also declare same-sex civil unions and domestic partnerships invalid. [Note: Free and anonymous registration required]

New York> Senate> Rick Lazio
Mr. Lazio is not so stealth an ultra-conservative candidate. Included in his not so secret past is his voting record against the interests of gays and lesbians along with his failure to march in the New York Pride Parade.

Oregon: Basic Oregon Rights
Proposition 9 qualified for the ballot. It's impact is stated best by the organized opposition (which needs YOUR help): If this measure passes, a teacher or counselor could not say to a student "It is OK to be homosexual", that would be considered "sanctioning" homosexual behavior. The message of this measure to our children is clear and devastating: Its OK to be of color, it is OK to be male, female, Jewish, Christian or disabled but it is not OK to be homosexual.

California> Proposed Initiative for General Election
Finally, a proactive petition. An attempt to gain marriage rights via the ballot box. 

California> Summary of Prop 22
A detailed look at this proposition, passed by Californian's in the March 7, 2000 primary.



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