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Election 2004: GLBT News and Issues

As always,  GLBT issues aren't the only issues I'm planning to look at in order to determine how I cast my ballots.  However, it would be extremely foolish to fail to take into account the candidate stances on gay civil rights issues. Executive orders. Supreme Court nominees. These items (and more) can, and do, affect our lives as the Bush administration has already proven much to the detriment of equal rights for all.

Local (Races & Ballot Measures) | National


John Kerry

100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign since 1995, John Kerry is a powerful voice in the ongoing fight for civil rights

SENATOR JOHN KERRY opposed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in 1993. In July 2003, he said that "it is a crying shame that people with enormous talent and skill are denied the right to serve - even when it is against our national security." And in a recent interview with 'The Advocate,' Senator Kerry said that ". . . we have to find a way to have equality in participation in the military. I've committed to find a way to work through the issues." (Source: SLDN)

John Edwards

No specific section dedicated to his positions other than a strong statement condemning the Phelps "Monument to Hate."

Incumbents to Beat

Dick Cheney  

Cheney gets one less   because I just keep hoping that his having a gay daughter he clearly loves very much gives him a perspective, an insight, into the pain and damage that allowing personal prejudices to create law can cause.  But, he is not our friend.

George Bush  

2004 George W. Bush Candidate Profile

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH has spoken about the military's gay ban only once, during the 2000 presidential campaign. On January 6, 2000, Bush said that "I'm a 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' man." (Source SLDN)

From 2000> Candidates> George Bush> Timeline on Log Cabin Republican Waffling
Will he or won't he meet officially with the group? The answer is constantly changing.

From 2000> Candidates> Dick Cheney> Compassionate Conservatism: The Cheneys (and their gay daughter)
How come the new face of conservatism looks a lot like the old face? Not only that, there is not even much of an attempt for these wolves to put on sheep's' clothing. The treatment of and reaction to the Cheneys' gay daughter along with his voting history tells the tale.

Other Contenders

A Libertarian Speaks
I receive (and reply to) a letter in response my election coverage and note that the Libertarian candidates had not published any policy statements on GLBT issues.

Green: Paul Glover NR

No GLBT position statements.

Green: Christina Rosetti NR

No GLBT position statements.

Green: Lorna Salzman NR

No GLBT position statements.

Libertarian: Michael Badnarik

No GLBT position statements.

Liberatarian: Gary Nolan

No GLBT position statements.

Find More 

Information Zone> GLBT Political Orgnizations
From one end of the spectrum to the other, everything in between and unaffiliated, here are your GLBT political interest groups.

Past Coverage> Election 2000 


Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage

Ban gay marriage


Cincinnati: repeal 1993 ban on gay rights laws

Democratic Also Rans 

Carol Moseley Braun

Wesley Clark NP

No GLBT position statements.

Howard Dean

This candidate is well worth taking a look at for his other positions, as his GLBT stances show his heart is very much in the right place, and his record shows that he walks the walk as well.

Dick Gephardt

That Gephardt's daughter is gay is no reason to consider voting for him.  That he has fought, and says he would continue to fight, for equal civil rights for gays and lesbians might be.

Dennis Kucinich

He's a good one, supporting gay marriage (not merely DP benefits), and full equal rights under the law.

Joe Lieberman

Lieberman wouldn't be the worst.  We already have that.  But much of what he has done is easy by way of being one co-sponsor among many.  He also cites good works from the 1970s.  Well, what have you done for us lately?










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