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Compassionate Conservatism: The Cheneys
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A True Conservative: Barry Goldwater
Election 2000: GLBT News & Issues

The Republican Convention tried to make a good show of its "new face" in its attempt to create and define "compassionate conservatism." But it is clear, at least so far as people and friends of GLBT type folks are concerned that the grand old party is business as usual.

The choice of Dick Cheney as vice-presidential nominee ensures that all scales tip to the right. The fact that Mr. Cheney's daughter is a lesbian does nothing to soften his hard line stance against equal rights for gays and lesbians while his and his wife's reactions to questions regarding his younger daughter speak volumes in terms of their attitudes towards gays and lesbians.

Fast Fact
"His compassionate conservatism holds out no compassion whatsoever for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Furthermore, it sends a chilling signal to women, to people of color and to those concerned with fairness and equality that a major political party would offer up a candidate with such a background to the voters. This selection demonstrates that right-wing, religious extremists are still a powerful force on the political landscape." Elizabeth Toledo, NGLTF Executive Director
Compassion on the Platform

The Republican platform states that "homosexuality is incompatible with military service" and "we do not believe sexual preference should be given special legal protection or standing in law."

Note the use of the word "preference" instead of the more accurate "orientation."

The platform also often mentions its opposition to "the gay lifestyle" which apparently does not mean my day to day activities of going to work, etc.

Enter The Cheneys

The Cheneys have two daughters. The eldest, Elizabeth, is married and has three children. We know this because the Cheneys have responded at length to queries about Elizabeth and her family. Yet, when asked about younger daughter Mary Cheney, the response is that the campaign will not "discuss it."

Mary's orientation is not a new issue for the Cheneys. According to journalist Bob Woodward, during an appearance on the Larry King show, back in 1995, Dick Cheney told him that one reason he decided not to pursue the presidency was that he had a gay relative.

The issue arose again with the nomination and convention.

According to my mother, always an excellent source for what's new in the arena of equal rights for gays and lesbians, early in convention week it was reported that if Mary was not welcome on the "grand finale" platform then daughter Elizabeth would choose not be there either.

Having both daughters with their respective mates there would be out of the question as that would, according to Candice Gingrich, no stranger to this type of spotlight herself, who notes, "For instance, if Dick and Lynne were to talk about Mary's partner in the same sentence as they talk about their other daughter and her family, that might be construed as affirming a gay relationship. And it would not sit well with the far right."

The choice of all the Cheneys was clear: Dick Cheney and his wife waved to the crowd alone from the platform, while both daughters stood in the audience.

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