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Compassionate Conservatism: The Cheneys
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A True Conservative: Barry Goldwater
Election 2000: GLBT News & Issues

How About Mother Cheney?

ABC's Cokie Roberts asked, "You have a daughter who has now declared that she is openly gay. Are you worried. . . ?" Clearly irritated, Lynne Cheney interrupted, "Mary has never declared such a thing ... I'm appalled at the media interest in one of my daughters. I have two wonderful daughters ... They are bright. They are hard working. They are decent. And I simply am not going to talk about their personal lives."

A striking change of position from previous and lengthy responses about the "personal life" of daughter Elizabeth. You know, the one who is married and has three children.

I Won't Say "There's Something About Mary" I Just Won't

It's not clear whether Mary Cheney is a lesbian poster girl herself.

What we know about Mary Cheney is that she is in a long term relationship with a woman named Heather, and they own a house together just outside of Denver. Also, until recently, Mary was the Corporate Relations Manager for gay and lesbian issues at Coors Brewing Company in Colorado.

When the question of reaffirming a GLBT boycott against Coors arose Mary Cheney spoke (not surprisingly) in Coors' defense, "The reason I came to work here is because I knew several other lesbians who were very happy here" ... "It's a very open environment."

While Coors policies have improved, the problem for many activists is that Coors family members continue to fund extreme-right groups.

For her part, at least while still a member of the Coors corporate family, Mary Cheney was able to see a distinction between Coor corporate donations and Coor family donations.

Whether she does now, and what her views might be on other issues of equal rights for gays and lesbians is an open question, and one that is not likely to be answered soon.

Mary Cheney loves her father and is unlikely to do anything to damage him in his bid for the vice-presidency. As much as I don't want the Republicans to win and fear what might come from a Bush/Cheney White House, I can't say that I blame her.

In pride,


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